Telegram Update Adds Chat Themes, Video Call Recording, and More

telegram v8 update adds new features

After finally adding group video call support for up to 1000 members, Telegram is now rolling out an update with various new features. These include the ability to set chat themes for individual chats, support for interactive emojis, and a few more nifty ones. So, let’s check out each of the features that the company recently added to its secure messaging app.

New Telegram Features Announced

Chat Themes for Individual Chats

Starting with Chat Themes, Telegram has now added the ability to set different themes for individual chats. That means users will now be able to set different themes for friends, family, and colleague chat rooms on Telegram. This way, it will be easier for them to distinguish between chats and prevent sending messages or media in the wrong chat window.

The chat themes can be set by either you or your contact. However, both the users need to be running the latest version of Telegram to get the feature. Currently, there are 8 different chat themes for users to choose from. All of them come with support for dark-mode. Moreover, Telegram says that its designers are already working to add more themes in the coming days.

Telegram Update Adds Chat Themes, Video Call Recording, and More

Record Live Streams and Video Chats

With this update, Telegram also added the ability to record live streams and video chats for channel admins. This way, other users in channels will be able to see the recorded video chats or live streams even if they missed the live version.

Telegram Update Adds Chat Themes, Video Call Recording, and More

Admins can start recording live streams and video chats from the Live Stream or Video Chat menu. They will also get options to record video and audio or only audio for the recordings. Moreover, admins can also choose a portrait or landscape orientation for the final video file. Once the recording is ended, the file will be automatically uploaded to the Saved Messages section.

Read Receipts for Group Chats

Other than private-chat-only features, Telegram has also added a new feature for groups on its platform. Now, if you send a message to a group, it will be marked with a double tick immediately after someone from the group sees it. Moreover, users will be able to see which members of the group read the message. However, the read receipts for messages will be automatically deleted after 7 days.

Telegram Update Adds Chat Themes, Video Call Recording, and More

Interactive Emoji

Emojis have become an essential part of conversations with social messaging. As a result, companies are now trying out different things to improve them and add new emoji-based features to their platforms. Similarly, Telegram has now added support for interactive emojis that animate with full-screen effects.

These emojis are similar to the full-screen effects on Apple’s iMessage and add fun animation effects when users tap on them. Other than the animations, the emojis also add vibration effects to make them more interactive. Moreover, if you and your contact are online at the same time, the animations play simultaneously on both devices.

The current list of interactive emojis includes six options, including the celebrations emoji, balloon emoji, heart emoji, and poop emoji. You can check out how they look via this link right here. However, Telegram promised to add more of these with a future update.

Get New Telegram Features Right Now

So, these are the feature that Telegram added with its latest version 8.0.1 update. The company has been working to improve its platform to compete with big guns like WhatsApp and FB Messenger. So with such nifty features, Telegram aims to garner more users moving forward. Now, if you do not see any of the above features on your device, update the Telegram app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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    I would take a closer look at p2p solutions this year (the utopia ecosystem and similar systems). Chats, all sorts of stickers are good, but there are no guarantees of security in the telegram.

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