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Cortana Will be Removed From Microsoft Launcher in April

In spite of persistent efforts from Microsoft, its AI-based voice assistant, Cortana, has struggled to keep pace with its leading rivals, including Google Assistant,...
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Microsoft Cortana Will no Longer Work on Android, iOS From January 31

In what might be a precursor of things to come, Microsoft has announced plans to kill off its Cortana voice assistant on both iOS...
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Microsoft Drops ‘Hey Cortana’ In Favor of Just ‘Cortana’ For Smart Speakers

In what can be seen as a minor, yet significant move, Microsoft has transformed the way users interact with its AI voice assistant Cortana....
Microsoft Engineer Slips Out Surface Phone Accidentally While Defending Cortana

Microsoft Engineer in China May Just Have Revealed Surface Phone Details

Cortana on mobile is like a child caught in a separation — the separation of Microsoft and Windows Phone. Although Microsoft's virtual assistant is available on...
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Microsoft Takes on Google Nest, Amazon Alexa with $319 Cortana-Powered Thermostat

As AI-powered smart assistants are taking the forefront, be it on our smartphones, PCs or smart speakers, Microsoft is aggressively pushing Cortana to take a spot...