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OnePlus 12 vs iQOO 12 Detailed Comparison

OnePlus 12 vs iQOO 12 Hands-on: Which Flagship Should You Get?

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With the launch of the OnePlus 12, it directly pits the smartphone against the likes of iQOO 12. The iQOO 12 is also powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and features a telephoto periscope sensor in its camera setup. When comparing the two, it came to light that OnePlus 12 is superior in terms of software experience, thanks to the more optimized OxygenOS 14. On the other hand, the iQOO 12's more balanced cameras stole the show with top-notch detail capturing. Whereas, the OnePlus 12 offered slightly more accurate colors in photos. The gaming experience was very identical on both the devices. It comes down to your budget and requirements and if you have the budget for it, the OnePlus 12 is the best choice here.
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