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Tag: Cryptocurrency Mining

Xiaomi-Linked Cryptocurrency Company Bitmain Reportedly Weighing $18Bn IPO

According to documents obtained by Coindesk, Chinese tech company Bitmain is planning to go public by filing for a blockbuster IPO that could potentially...

Cryptocurrency Mining Is Hindering SETI’s Search for Alien Life

Cryptocurrency mining has already taken a toll on the overall GPU supply across the globe. And GPU manufacturers like Nvidia are trying their best...
YouTube Ads Affected by Malicious Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts

YouTube Ads Affected by Malicious Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts

Mining cryptocurrency at the expense of other people's resources, even without their information, is not a virtuous way of generating money but is becoming extremely...

Opera Mini and Mobile Browsers Now Block Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts

In the past few months, many notorious websites including the popular torrent-sharing portal ThePirateBay have earned a bad name for secretly using CPU bandwidth...

New macOS Malware OSX/MaMI Steals User Data, Take Screenshots, and More

Apple fans have, for long, sung praises of the immunity of iOS and macOS towards exploits and viruses. This belief seemed to be fading...

This Could Be The Most Innovative Use of Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs Ever

If you ever wanted proof that necessity is, indeed, the mother of all inventions, you'll need to visit the Siberian town of Irkutsk, where...