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The Pirate Bay is Once Again Running Crypto Miner Without User Consent

The Pirate Bay (TPB) is at it again. The controversial torrent site is reportedly once again running scripts on visitors' browsers to mine cryptocurrencies...

Vulnerability in Legacy Windows Software Being Targeted Again to Mine Cryptocurrency

Amidst the increasing crackdown on fake cryptocurrency ads by companies like Google and Twitter, scammers have turned their attention to cryptocurrency mining, attacking government...

‘Drive-by’ Cryptocurrency Mining Affecting Millions of Android Users: Malwarebytes

If you haven't been paying attention to the rising scourge of crypto-mining scripts on websites hijacking your computer hardware to mine cryptocurrencies, you should. From...
YouTube Ads Affected by Malicious Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts

YouTube Ads Affected by Malicious Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts

Mining cryptocurrency at the expense of other people's resources, even without their information, is not a virtuous way of generating money but is becoming extremely...