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Apple, Samsung Face Antitrust Investigations in Italy Over Slowing Down Phones

Italian antitrust authority 'Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato' (AGCM) has announced that it is opening an investigation into the alleged 'planned obsolescence'...
I Wouldn't Buy iPhone X Even If I Had 4 Kidneys

Apple Reportedly Facing 26 Class-Action Lawsuits Over iPhone ‘Batterygate’

Apple had a troublesome end to 2017 as it admitted to throttling performance of iPhones as their batteries age. The subsequent spree of lawsuits...

Apple iPhone Sales to Take Major Hit in 2018 Post ‘Batterygate’: Barclays

Even idle commentators know that Apple's decision to throttle older iPhones, instead of transparently revealing the nature of the update will come back to...