Squid Game Is Now the Most-Watched Series on Netflix; Gets 111 Million Views in First Month

Squid Game Becomes the Most-Watched Series on Netflix; Crosses 111 Million Views Globally

Netflix’s uber-popular Korean drama series Squid Game has taken over the world for its unusually-gripping plotline, involving death and children’s games. Even if you haven’t got yourself to watch it, it’s next to impossible that you haven’t seen the name floating on the internet ever since it hit the streaming platform on September 17. Following the release, it became an internet phenomenon as viewers from all over the globe started binging the series. We have seen memes, trends, and even mini-games based on Squid Game pop up on the internet. Now, Netflix has confirmed that Squid Game has become the most successful series in its history.

In a recent interview with CNN, Netflix confirmed that the South Korean survival drama has been consumed by 111 million viewers globally. It has taken the “numero uno spot on Netflix in 94 countries” across the world. This title was previously bagged by Bridgerton, which had 82 million viewers on its name when it was released on the streaming platform back in 2020. However, Squid Game is a show that has a lot to add to the table, and it’s much more than only gory scenes. It has a subtle message that the game was brutal and we know how, but nothing compared to life itself.

‘When we first started investing in Korean series and films in 2015, we knew we wanted to make world-class stories for the core K-content fans across Asia and the world,’ said Minyoung Kim, the Vice President for Netflix Asia-Pacific (excluding India). “Today, Squid Game has broken through beyond our wildest dreams,” he further added.

However, it’s important to take into consideration that all the statistics come from Netflix and haven’t been verified by any outside source yet. Also, Netflix’s metrics only count viewers as any account that has seen at least 2 two minutes of the content. Having said that, there is no denial of the massive success of this show. A quick fact is that a small bakery that started selling the uber-popular Dalgona candy (an element of the show) following the release of the show became massively popular in its region.

Moreover, to celebrate the show’s success, Netflix has recently released Squid Game Profile Icons for the fans to show their love. The streaming giant recently shared a tweet to announce the new Profile Icons. You can check it out right below.

So, if you have a Netflix account or sharing one with your friends, go on and watch the show if you haven’t already. Also, do not forget to change your Netflix Profile Icon to your favorite Squid Game character on the platform.

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