Squad Busters Creator Codes (June 2024)

If you love battle-royale-style games with lots of fun characters, you might have already heard of the newest game in town — Squad Busters. Supercell, the developer of Squad Busters has created codes that you can use while purchasing in-game items. These codes let you directly support creators. So, in this guide, we share Squad Busters creator codes and other free rewards you can get.

Update: we last checked for new creator codes on June 3, 2024

All New Squad Busters Creator Codes

  • heybrother — Redeem to support the Content Creator
  • klaus — Redeem to support Klaus
  • Bash — Redeem to support Clash Bashing!!
  • VidraPlay — Redeem to support VidraPlay
  • artube — Use for supporting Artube
  • spanser — Redeem to support Spanser
  • WithZack — Redeem to support WithZack
  • aurum — Redeem to support AuRuM TV
  • AshBS — Redeem to support Ash Mobile Gaming
  • dantegamesyt — Redeem to support Dante Games

How to Use Creator Codes in Squad Busters

Once you have the code for your favorite Squad Busters creator, follow the steps below to use these to support them:

  • Open Squad Busters on iOS or Android.
  • Go to the Shop section from the home screen.
  • Swipe right and click the Enter Code option.
  • Enter the code of the creator you want to support.
  • Press the Enter button to redeem them.
  • Squad Busters shop option
  • Enter Creators Code option in Squad Busters
  • Use Creators Code option in Squad Busters

Are There Squad Busters Game Codes?

Unlike Super Snail or AFK Arena codes, the Squad Busters codes are to show support to the content creators. So, if you use these codes and complete any purchase such as gems or coins in-game, it will help support the creators. So, use these codes if you want to support your favorite content creator or streamer.

There are no game codes available for Squad Busters as of now, so players will not benefit from the codes directly.

How to Get Free Rewards in Squad Busters

Supporting creators is great but what about rewards for you? Do not worry. Supercell has also added multiple free rewards for you to grab from the game. As soon as you log into the game, go to settings and connect your Supercell ID for a free “Archer Queen” reward.

You can also get some pre-registration rewards from the shop for free right now. These rewards include an emote, an epic statue, 10k gold, different rarity crates, and a mega character (El Tigre) as well. Make sure you claim the pre-registration rewards before June 29, 2024.

How Do I Get More Squad Busters Codes?

While there are no promo codes that you can use, creator codes are to support the creators. With that said, the creators you support can share their codes on their socials, including YouTube and Twitch streams.

Luckily, you do not have to do all that hassle as we will update the list right after new creator codes arrive. Make sure to bookmark this page to never miss them. You can also follow the Squad Busters blog to stay up-to-date with the latest rewards or other news.

You can now support creators with every purchase in-game. That said, who is your favorite Squad Busters creator? Tell us in the comments below.

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