Spotify Finally Adds Podcast Notifications

spotify podcast notifications

Spotify has reportedly added an option to let users receive notifications whenever their favorite podcast releases a new episode. Podcast notifications are available for both Spotify Free and Premium users. As reported by Engadget, Spotify is currently rolling out podcast notifications feature on mobile. It has not reached my phone at the time of writing this article.

Based on the illustration provided by Spotify, you will see an option to enable notifications for a Podcast when you first follow it from its page. If you use Spotify for tuning in to your favorite podcasts, you can enable notifications by hitting the ‘Follow’ button and enabling the ‘Get notified of new episodes’ toggle that pops up shortly after.

via Engadget

For now, I’m not quite sure if there is an option to enable notifications for podcasts you’re already following. If Spotify has omitted that, you will have to unfollow and follow your podcasts again just for the sake of enabling notifications, which is not seamless at all. However, that’s very unlikely.

It is worth noting that this is not a brand new feature by any means. Almost all mainstream podcast apps have this basic feature and Spotify has taken its own time to implement it. In fact, according to posts on Spotify Community, Spotify users have been requesting the feature since 2017. Anyway, people who rely on Spotify for podcasts will find this convenient to stay in the loop.

VIA Engadget
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