Snapchat for iOS Gets Chat Replies, Bitmoji Reactions, and More

Snapchat 5 new features coming in 2021

Snapchat for iOS has received a new update, the first of 2022, and it brings in a slew of features, specifically message-centric features for users. You can now reply to individual messages, send Bitmoji reactions, and do loads more. Here’s what all the update involves.

New Snapchat for iOS Update Released

Starting with Chat Replies, you will now be able to reply to specific messages on Snapchat, much like you can on WhatsApp. To do this, you can long-press on the message and select the Chat Reply option to provide a reply or left-swipe on a message to reply to it.

Then, you can now react to a message on a Snapchat chat with Bitmoji Reactions. For this, you need to long-press the message to see a row of Bitmoji emoticons and choose the one you like. It will work similarly to how you can react to messages on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and even Twitter. Except, the ones on Snapchat have their unique identity and aren’t simple emoji reactions (if you have created your Bitmoji).

New Snapchat features introduced for iOS

Snapchat, in an official press note, says, “To kick off the new year, we’ve added a slew of new features to Snapchat messaging that makes chatting with your real friends more fun and expressive.

Snapchat has also got the option to conduct polls on iOS. Much like the poll sticker on Instagram, it now lets you add various kinds of poll stickers on Snap Stories to know people’s opinions. This feature will work for both iOS and Android users. If you post a poll, you will be able to see who voted for what. The Poll sticker is now available under the Sticker section once you take a Snap on the app.

Lastly, the ephemeral messaging app has improved voice and video calls to make conversations more fun with an improved interface and the easy ability to add Lenses. It will also let you see people who have joined the call before you have.

These new Snapchat features have started rolling out and shall reach all iOS users soon. All these new features are likely to reach Android users soon. Until then, learn how to enable dark mode in Snapchat on iPhones and Android devices via the linked guide. Which one of the new Snapchat features do you like? Share with us in the comments below!

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