Razer Naga Pro is a Customizable Wireless Gaming Mouse With A Lot of Buttons

Razer Naga Pro 2

With so many different kinds of games in the competitive sector, choosing the perfect gaming mouse can become difficult for pro gamers. So to help the gamers achieve their best performance in competitive titles, we have seen companies come up with unique gaming mice. However, popular gaming accessory-makers, Razer aims to deliver a single mouse that gamers can customize themselves to match their playstyle.

Customize It With Three Interchangeable Side Plates

Recently unveiled by the Irvine-based peripheral-makers, the Razer Naga Pro is a wireless customizable gaming mouse that comes with three interchangeable side-plates to adapt to the game you play. Whether you play MOBA games like DOTA or MMO titles like World of Warcraft, the Naga Pro is designed to provide the perfect button setup for every kind of competitive game you play.

When customers get the new Naga Pro, they will get three additional side plates with different button layouts. There is a side-plate with a two-button layout perfect for tactical FPS games like Valorant and CS: GO. The other two side plates come with a six-button layout (for MOBA/Battle Royale titles) and a twelve-button layout (for MMO/RTS titles) respectively.

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Apart from the interchangeable plates, the Naga Pro features the Focus+ optical sensor which is a 20,000 DPi sensor. Along with the advanced sensor, the gaming tool also comes with smart tracking tech inside which enables the mouse to adjust itself when used on different surfaces.

The mouse also has support for HyperSpeed Wireless technology which drastically reduces latency over a wireless connection. And according to Razer, the tech is 25% faster and more efficient in the Naga Pro than any other wireless gaming mouse.

So, if you are a pro gamer playing different kinds of competitive titles, you can get the Razer Naga Pro for a price of $149.99 (~Rs 10,975) from Razer’s official website or from the authorized resellers.

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