Qualcomm Snapdragon S5 and S3 Gen 2 Sound Platforms Announced

qualcomm snapdragon S3 and S5 sound platforms

In addition to the flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, Qualcomm has introduced the new Snapdragon S3 and S5 Gen 2 Sound Platforms at its 2022 Snapdragon Summit. The new sound platforms are meant to work with the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and bring along a number of audio-focused features, including spatial audio support.

Snapdragon S3 and S5 Gen 2 Sound Platforms Announced

The Snapdragon S3 Gen 2 and S5 Gen 2 audio chips come with Snapdragon Sound technology for an enhanced audio experience. This chip enables features like lossless audio via Bluetooth, low latency, better connectivity, and much more.

There’s support for spatial audio with dynamic head tracking and lossless music streaming. There’s lossless audio for the new Bluetooth LE Audio specification too. Plus, the platforms support 48ms latency for smooth gaming.

James Chapman, Vice President and General Manager, Voice, Music & Wearables, Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd, said, “The next-generation Qualcomm S5 and S3 platforms have been designed to deliver the rich features that consumers want most, while also delivering ultra-low power performance. We were first to deliver Lossless audio over Bluetooth and since then, we’ve continued to innovate.

The new Sound Platforms also come with Qualcomm Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, which adapts to the earbuds’ fit and the surroundings to avoid ambient noises. It also enables features like Adaptive Transparency mode with automatic speech detection and allows for a smooth switch from noise cancelation to letting in the sounds when needed.

The new Snapdragon S3 Gen 2 and S5 Gen 2 Sound Platforms will be available commercially in phones in the second half of 2023.

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