Check Out This “Pure Gold” iPhone 12 From Caviar

Caviar IP 12 Pro gold feat.

While Apple is said to have delayed the upcoming iPhone 12 due to 5G issues, Caviar, the luxe-class iPhone-modifying company that brought us the “Cyberphone“, has released a pure gold iPhone 12 Pro and an iPhone 12 Pro Max for pre-booking. And this time, the price is even higher than the company’s $15,000 price tag for the Cyberphone.

The Russia-based custom iPhone-makers actually buy standard iPhones from Apple and replace the casings with their own works using luxury materials like gold, titanium, and diamond. 

Now, the Russian-company says that their iPhone 12 models will start shipping from October. However, if Apple further delays its already-delayed iPhone 12, then Caviar’s shipping dates might also change in the future.

Coming to the smartphone itself, the Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Victory Pure Gold is essentially a piece of ornament rather than a smartphone. The entire casing is of pure gold with some intricate designs at the back. The company says that the “Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Victory Pure Gold is created for the true connoisseurs of luxury.”

So as you know, with great luxury comes a great price and Caviar is the epitome of high-priced smartphones. And their pure gold iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are not exceptions.

The price ranges from $23,380 (~Rs 17,51,860) for the base model and goes up to $24,540 (~Rs 18,38,780) for the 512GB iPhone 12 Pro Max. You can pre-book your device from Caviar’s official website. 

And whoever is planning to pre-book this device for themselves after reading my piece, hi there, I love supercars, just so you know. 

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