The highly-anticipated PUBG Mobile (version 0.8.0) update has finally gone live and it brings with it a ton of new elements such as the Sanhok map, new vehicles, weapons, gameplay settings and more importantly, some anti-cheating measures. The new PUBG Mobile update is 1.51GB in size and has been widely rolled out following the maintenance time which took the game’s servers offline yesterday.

The most noticeable change brought by the update is the Sanhok map, which not only introduces a new battleground but also brings a host of new elements such as a flare gun, a bullet-proof UAZ, a new rifle and a muscle car among others. More importantly, the Sanhok map can be downloaded independently and the same is the case with Miramar, so that the game’s size is kept in check.

Following is the changelog of the latest PUBG Mobile update:

  • New Map: Sanhok
    • Flare Gun: a rare item that calls a super air drop if used within the Playzone, and a Bulletproof UAZ if used outside the Playzone
    •  QBZ: an automatic rifle that fires 5.56mm rounds. Has both single shot and full-auto
    • Duckbill: an attachment for shotguns. Reduces vertical spread and increases horizontal spread
    • Muscle Car: 4 seats, and has both a hard-top and a convertible version
    • Bulletproof UAZ: 4 seats. Obtained from using the Flare Gun outside the Playzone
  • Customizable Pick-up
    • Quantities can now be specified in settings
  • Anti-Cheating Measures
    • Improved cheating plug-in recognition
    • Added Report buttons to more pages
  • Achievements
    • Added more achievements. Now can be found under Missions
  • Clans
    • Clan Perks: after getting specific items (through purchase or luck), the system will award a certain amount of UC for players to share it with other Clan members
    • New Clan titles can be equipped after purchase
    • Clan Rankings: now lists the most active Clans this week and this season
  • Dismantling Time-Limited Items
    • Time-Limited items can now be dismantled to BP directly
  • Progress Missions
    • Added a Collect All button to collect rewards of all completed missions
  • Royale Pass
    • Added new mission types to make progression more fun
  • Lucky Air Drops
    • Chance to get a mystery drop after a match. Contents are customized
  • Season Data
    • Season page now shows all seasons played and relevant data such as season titles, the highest tier reached and more

Additionally, there are a few optimizations and minor changes such as the ability to delete friends in batches, no penalty on friendly fire and a tuned chat system.