PUBG Mobile Lite Adds New Weapons, Halloween Survival Mode

PUBG Mobile Lite is Finally Available in India

With Halloween right around the corner, game developers are quickly pushing out new updates to bring spooky elements and festive content to their titles. Call of Duty Mobile already introduced a Halloween-themed map upgrade last week and well, it’s now PUBG Mobile Lite that has pushed out a new update to bring a limited-time survival mode and new weapons in tow.

PUBG Mobile Lite has today received a new update, version #0.14.6 that weighs around 500MB. This title is available in select regions around the world, including India where the game debuted a couple of months ago to make it possible for budget players to enjoy the battle royale experience.

  • Halloween Survival Mode

The Halloween Survival Mode in PUBG Mobile Lite is a fresh take on the original mobile game’s Survive Till Dawn mode, but you now have zombies with Pumpkin heads (which falls in line with the spooky theme) that you need to take down until evacuation.

pubg mobile lite halloween survival mode

The press release states that players will need to work together with their teammates to survive 3 days and 2 nights in this survival mode. Zombies won’t be present during the daytime, which is when you can loot the battleground, but as night sets in, you will be swamped with zombies at a steady flow. So, watch your back as you take the zombies.

New Weapons

As for new weapons, we have the Sawed-Off shotgun, M134 Minigun, and Flamethrower being added to the game to perk up the gameplay style. While Sawed-Off shotgun is available to users in Erangel (a smaller 2×2 version of this map), the latter two weapons will only be accessible in the Survival Mode we’ve described above.

In addition, the update introduces new outfits, skins, BC currency, and more, which you can easily claim by watching videos on the purchase page. The Winner Pass has bagged some upgrades as well, now offering a Pass Mission and friend assistance feature.

So, if you are someone who enjoys this lightweight version of PUBG like me, then install the update and get down to grabbing that Chicken Dinner.

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