Pokemon Magikarp Jump: A Beginner’s Guide

The Pokemon Company released Pokemon GO on mobile devices around a year ago and it definitely was a well received mobile title with millions of downloads within the first 48 hours. Everyone was going out trying to find the next amazing Pokemon and battling various gym leaders along the way. However, the real hype for Pokemon GO did fade out over time and now only the dedicated players are still into the game. Casuals did abandon that ship quickly because nobody wanted to go out every day trying to catch a Pokemon.

Well, The Pokemon Company has again released another Pokemon game for both Android and iOS devices and this time you don’t have to even leave your couch.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump: Getting Started

The all new Pokemon: Magikarp Jump is a mobile game and shares a couple of similarities with the Monster Rancher.

Instead of focusing on the entire Pokemon universe, Magikarp Jump focuses on a single Pokemon, Magikarp, duh. You arrive in a completely new town where everyone is obsessed with these useless Magikarps and their splashing prowess. People don’t want them to evolve because they are just interested in the Magikarp’s jumping power. You train your Magikarp, increase its jumping power, and compete against other Magikarp trainers in jumping battles. Whoever jumps the highest, wins the match.

If you have already downloaded the game then you know how everything works because there are easy to follow instructions for every feature in the game. It’s a simple game with no complexities involved, probably aimed at the younger audience.

Pokemon Magicarp Jump Tips and Tricks

Well, if you want to be the best Pokemon Magikarp trainer in the world then we’ve got some useful tips for you. These tips and tricks will help you get the most out of Pokemon: Magikarp Jump and probably make the game less boring for you.

1. Upgrade The Sandbag Slam Training Equipment

In the lower corner of the game, you will find Town. This is where you can buy/upgrade food and training items for your Magikarp. First of all, you should upgrade the Sandbag Slam training game. If you spend 17 coins on the Sandbag Slam training game then you will earn at least 115 JP each time you train. This puts it on par with the Jumping Counter training regimen. This way, you don’t have to worry about which training regimen you get because you will be receiving similar JPs from both regimens. This is definitely important when you are first starting out in the game and it will help grow your Magikarp quickly.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump: A Beginner’s Guide

2. Use All Your Training Points

You get 3 training points. These training points replenish after every 30 minutes. So, you must use all your training points to train your Magikarp. The thing is that when your Trainer Rank increases, all your training points are replenished as a reward. So, if you didn’t use your training points before then you won’t be getting the reward, which is a huge waste. So, always use all your training points before you go out challenging people in the leagues.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump: A Beginner’s Guide

3. Keep An Eye Out For Achievements

The menu button in the top-right corner shows you different options. This is where you will find “Achievements” that you have completed and others that are still in progress. Always keep an eye on your achievements and as soon as you complete an achievement, go ahead and collect the reward for it. Most achievements reward you with Diamonds (Very Important) and Gold coins (Important). Complete all the achievements and collect your rewards to get a decent boost in your inventory.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump: A Beginner’s Guide

4. Be Very Cautious Of The Special Events

At random intervals during the game, you will be given a choice in one of the few special encounters. These encounters can trigger while training or after your match in a league. You should be really careful of making a choice in any of these encounters. One choice will let you safely back out of the encounter and go back home while the other choice will ask you to interact with the special event. Interaction can lead to huge rewards or very huge losses.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump: A Beginner’s Guide

If you receive the negative outcome then it will probably be game over for your Magikarp. You may lose your Magikarp to a Hungry Pidgeotto (Very brutal) or a hook in the pond, this will instantly retire (Read: Kill) your Magikarp. So, if you have a very high level Magikarp then we suggest you stay clear of any special encounters in the game. You don’t want your Magikarp to turn into a sushi now, do you?

5. Check Your Magikarp’s Individual Bonus

Each Magikarp that you catch in the game comes with its own unique bonuses, which help them in one way or another. Some will have an extra training boost while others will have a boost to total old coins earned, it varies for each Magikarp. So, pay close attention to the type of bonus your Magikarp possesses. You can then pair it with some decorations that also provide the same bonus as the Magikarp and train it faster and stronger.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump: A Beginner’s Guide

6. Be On The Lookout For Guest Pokemon

Always be on the lookout for new Pokemon swimming through your pond. You will see different Pokemon swimming in your pond and tapping these Pokemon will trigger a special event. Some will start a Food Fever where you get an insane amount of food to eat while others will grant you a huge JP boost. So, always be looking around in your pond for any guests and tap them as soon as possible before they run away.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump: A Beginner’s Guide

7. Keep Your Pond Decorated

When you first win the Friend League, the Mayor Karp will give you one of his decorations. These decorations provide a certain boost when placed in your pond and also, make your pond look aesthetically attractive. You can also buy more decorations from the Town shop with your Diamonds. Each decoration provides a certain bonus or boost for your Magikarp and helps it train better and faster.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump: A Beginner’s Guide

8. Always Save Your Diamonds

Diamonds are the most precious currency in Pokemon: Magikarp Jump. You can buy high-quality items with Diamonds and these items will definitely help you with the game. The best thing you can buy with Diamonds is the friendship balls. These will provide your Magikarp with new Pokemon friends who will help you out throughout the game. You will get Pikachu for free in the beginning and also, Piplup when you beat the Quick League. However, other Pokemon buddies are available in the Town shop and you will have to buy them with Diamonds.

So, always save your diamonds and don’t spend any on low quality items like sodas, etc. Pokemon buddies are expensive, so you should be saving all your diamonds that you receive in order to buy some friends. These Pokemon will help boost your Magikarps training and also, help it out during matches. So, set your priorities straight and keep an eye out on your diamond expenditure.

9. Regularly Check The Store

Every time your trainer level goes up, there will be new food items and training regimens available in the store. Different trainer levels unlock different items in the store, so make sure to regularly check out the store after you level up because there will be great food items and training regimen available for your Magikarp that will help boost its training and JP in no time.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump: A Beginner’s Guide

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Become a Magicarp Master with these Tips

If you are just starting out with Pokemon: Magicarp Jump then these tips and tricks will help make your entire Magikarp jumping journey really smooth. The game has just been released, so there are still some hidden features that we haven’t uncovered yet, but we will make sure to write about more features and tricks that we find out. If you have any other tip for this amazing Pokemon game then feel free to mention them in the comments section below. Especially, if you have figured out how to get the “Great Effort” thing in the training games.

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