Pixel 2 Has a Driving Do-Not-Disturb Mode: Here is How to Enable It

driving do not disturb pixel 2

Receiving a constant flow of notifications when you’re working on a project or driving your vehicle is really distracting. It can hamper your road safety and lead to unforeseen results, which Google wants you to avoid. Thus, it has included a “Driving Do-Not-Disturb” mode in its newly launched Pixel 2 devices.

The driving rules for do not disturb mode have been added to Pixel 2 devices as part of the Pixel Ambient Service, which also controls the “Now Playing” music recognition feature. As Google describes, the driving do-not-disturb mode automatically comes into action when you connect your Pixel 2 to the in-car Bluetooth or the device detects you’re inside a moving vehicle. This means the functionality will also apply to passengers, which is not the most intuitive experience.

The driving rules are not enabled on your Pixel 2 devices by default, meaning you’ll have to turn on the same. To enable do-not-disturb on your Pixel 2 for when you’re driving, you will need to dig deep into the sound settings of the device. Navigate to Settings > Sound and open the Do Not Disturb preferences. Here, tap on the ‘Add More’ option and select the driving option and toggle the ‘On’ button next to it. You can also long-press the “Do Not Disturb” toggle in the notification shade to activate this feature.

pixel 2 do not disturb

Once the driving rules for do-not-disturb mode are enabled, you’ll be free of any ringing bells except for incoming calls, alarms, and the navigation directions. You can, however, change notification settings by picking from the three available options – priority, alarms, and total silence – depending on the need. The device will also automatically return to its normal state after you walk with the device for 30 seconds or the vehicle has been parked for around 10 minutes.

The do-not-disturb mode for driving has been built upon Google’s AI-powered Activity Recognition Transition API, which is capable of detecting when a person is driving using low power signals from multiple sensors, Bluetooth, and WiFi. The API uses the Sensor Hub on-device to provide accurate driving directions, low latency, and power. The search giant is planning to make this API widely available by early next year to build more distraction-free experiences.

This is an important functionality released by Google to make carrying smartphones much safer when you drive. Now, you won’t be picking up the device to check the latest updates while on the road, thus, avoiding accidents and saving many lives in the process. What are your thoughts on this functionality? Let us know in the comments down below.

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