Opera Aria AI Browser Introduced; Check out the Details!

Opera Aria in Opera Browser introduced

The latest trend in AI can safely be its integration into web browsers. Earlier, Microsoft introduced its GPT-4 based Bing AI and recently made it available for all and even Google has something up its sleeves. Now, Opera has also jumped onto the bandwagon with its Aria AI browser. Learn more about it below.

Opera Aria AI Introduced

Opera Aria AI is set to elevate your browsing experience on Opera. It is natively integrated into the Opera browser and is built on OpenAI’s GPT model. It is based on Opera’s “Composure” infrastructure. This means that you can access the leading generative AI in the market for free.

With Aria, you will be directly in communication and collaboration with ChatGPT. You will be able to conduct web searches, generate codes or text, and get all your product queries answered. It can also add live results from the web. Aria is also well-versed with the entire database of Opera’s support documents.

This means that you can ask Aria anything you want about the multitude of products and services that Opera offers. Apart from that, you can always take advantage of the generative and conversational AI capabilities. For example, you can ask Aria to summarize webpages, extract codes from GitHub, compile databases, and so on.

As per Opera, its Composer infrastructure will allow Aria to expand and connect to several AI models. It will further allow Aria to acquire new capabilities and features by expanding and integrating. This will include search services from various Opera partners. In the coming future, Aria is set to become much more prominent and much more integrated within the browser. Very soon you will be able to perform cross-browser tasks via Aria.

Opera has made Aria available in over 180 countries. It is in the early access stage at the moment and you will require an Opera account to gain access. Once your account is whitelisted by Opera, then only you can use Aria. It is available via Opera One (developer version) in Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Opera Beta will give you access to Aria if you are on Android.

So, what do you think of Aria? Are you looking forward to using it? Do let us know in the comments below.

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