Opera for Android Brings a New Night Mode with Latest Update

opera android 55 update night mode featured

Opera for Android has rolled out a new update that brings, among other things, a new and improved night mode to make viewing web pages in the dark even more comfortable. As mentioned in the company’s blog post announcing the changes with the update, the Opera browser on Android will now be able to automatically turn bright webpages dark, even if the websites themselves don’t support a dark mode.

This means that whenever you have your phone’s night mode enabled, Opera will not only turn its UI elements dark, but even websites you view on the browser will be turned darker to make the viewing experience more comfortable. According to the company’s blog post explaining the new feature, “with dark web pages, we have also put major effort into applying clever CSS changes to web pages without such support to make your night-time browsing even darker. In combination with the dark theme and additional dimming, you can now browse with a minimal emission of light.”

The new update also brings a feature called “Keyboard dimming” which uses an overlay to make keyboards appear slightly less bright than they normally would. Obviously, the ideal way to use a keyboard in the dark would be to use a dark-themed keyboard (Gboard and Swiftkey offer a bunch of dark themes), but with Opera’s new feature, if your keyboard of choice does not support a dark theme, the browser can handle that for you.

Apart from that, the browser also brings a new “Additional Dimming” feature which reduces the brightness of your phone’s screen even more in order to reduce strain on your eyes, and also to reduce the chances of someone in the same room as you being disturbed because of your smartphone’s display being lit up in the dark.

There’s also a new colour temperature settings, improved news, quick tab switching, and a number of stability fixes and improvements.

SOURCE Opera Blog
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