One Piece Chapter 1119: Dr. Vegapunk’s Broadcast Is Back Online

In Short
  • Thanks to the Transmission Den Den Mushi's design and placement, Dr. Vegapunk's broadcast resumed in Chapter 1119 as the Iron Giant came back into action.
  • The Five Elders had only cut off the broadcast earlier and hadn't destroyed the Den Den Mushi's memory circuit to stop the transmission completely.

As we approach the conclusion of the Egghead arc, Dr. Vegapunk’s message to the One Piece world has been the biggest highlight in this arc. The old man started to unravel one mystery after another in his broadcast. As a result, the Five Elders thwarted Vegapunk’s plans by knocking down the Iron Giant, which led to the broadcast being cut short inadvertently. However, since One Piece chapter 1119 spoilers are out, we have learned that Vegapunk’s message has resumed and the Iron Giant is back in action.

With the help of York, the Five Elders in One Piece found out the location of the Transmission Den Den Mushi that was broadcasting Vegapunk’s message to the world. As a result, his broadcast was interrupted by St. Topman Warcury, who knocked the Iron Giant in chapter 1117. We sort of had an idea that the broadcast would be resumed in the coming chapters, and we were right on the money.

As predicted, Vegapunk’s broadcast resumed in chapter 1119, thanks to the Transmission Den Den Mushi remaining in shape.

One Piece Chapter 1119: Dr. Vegapunk’s Broadcast Is Back Online

Dr. Vegapunk continued his message to the world and briefly talked about the members of the “D” clan along with the “Will of D,” a recurring theme in the world of One Piece. Vegapunk’s satellite, York was surprised by the broadcast transmission being resumed and remarked that the Five Elders had just interrupted the transmission, but they still hadn’t destroyed the memory circuit of the Den Den Mushi.

The Five Elders have made a blunder that will hurt the World Government and its reputation even further in the upcoming chapters. They will now have to fight the Iron Giant, which is now back in action, to find the snail and destroy it. However, turning off Vegapunk’s broadcast is turning out to be a herculean task for them.

That said, what more do you think Vegapunk has left to tell the people of the world? Let us know in the comments section.

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