New Executive Order Allows New Yorkers to Get Married Over Zoom

marriage over video call feat.

New York has become the epicentre of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic with over 242,000 cases and over 10,000 deaths. As the state is on complete lockdown since the threat rose back in March, citizens are encouraged to practice strict social distancing. So, no community gatherings or weddings can be held at this time. However, Governor Andrew Cuomo has passed an Executive Order (EO) that allows citizens to get married over a Zoom call.

The news came directly from the State Governor via a tweet (below) last weekend. In the tweet, Governor Cuomo stated that the EO will allow New Yorkers to obtain a marriage license remotely and will also allow clerks to perform wedding ceremonies via video conference.

Now, the order from the Governor could bring some joy to the New York lovebirds who were to marry each other this summer, but couldn’t, as almost all the wedding bureaus are closed due to the pandemic. So, New Yorkers can now obtain their wedding licenses online and get married over any video conferencing app.

According to the Verge, the Governor personally named Zoom as a preferred video conferencing app. He said this while speaking of the new order: “There is now no excuse when the question comes up for marriage… You can do it by Zoom. Yes or no?”

Yes, they can surely do it, however, we are kinda sceptical about the Governor’s personal recommendation of the video conferencing application, given the number of controversies surrounding Zoom.

Nonetheless, this new EO issued by Governor Cuomo brings a ray of light amidst these dark times in the state of New York.

VIA Verge
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