Netflix’s Ad-Supported Affordable Plan Launching on November 3

netflix ad plan launch slated november

We have been hearing about Netflix’s ad plan, which is a way for the OTT platform to get more subscribers. This plan, which Netflix calls Basic with Ads, is now confirmed to launch on November 3. Check out the price and more details.

Netflix Ad Plan: Price and Details

The Netflix Basic with Ads plan will launch on November 3 in the US at 9 am PT and is priced at $6.99 (~ Rs 575) a month. It will be available in 11 other countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, and the UK.

However, there’s no word on its availability in India yet. And whenever this happens, it will be priced more competitively, possibly lesser than the Rs 149 mobile plan in the country.

This plan joins the existing Basic plan ($9.99/month, Rs 199/month), the Standard plan ($19.9/month, Rs 499/month), and the Premium plan ($19.99/month, Rs 649/month). The new ad-supported plan will include a wide variety of TV shows and movies in HD quality. Although, it will miss out on some content due to licensing issues, as rumored previously too. Netflix says that it is working on removing these restrictions in the future.

Netflix, in a blog post, said, “We’re confident that with Netflix starting at $6.99 a month, we now have a price and plan for every fan. While it’s still very early days, we’re pleased with the interest from both consumers and the advertising community — and couldn’t be more excited about what’s ahead. As we learn from and improve the experience, we expect to launch in more countries over time.

Also, there won’t be an option to download the content for offline viewing, something we have heard before. As for the ads part, which may be a concern for many, Netflix will show an average of 4 to 5 minutes of ads per hour. There will be ads at the beginning and during a movie or a show, being 15-30 seconds long.

For the advertisers, Netflix will introduce targeting capabilities for them to reach the relevant audience, tools to verify the viewability and traffic validity, and the presence of Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) in the US (meant to launch in 2023). Netflix has partnered with Microsoft to handle the advertisement part.

So, are you excited about the new Netflix ad-supported plan? Do you think you will go for it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Claudia says:

    I’m not excited about having ads on a streaming service I’m paying for already! We’re bombarded with ads everywhere and some advertisers have the audacity of phoning us, which I consider to be a horrible practice on their part as for me, my phone number is a private thing that I share with people I want to keep in touch.
    No ads! There are plenty more streaming services with no ads, with great content and more affordable prices than Netflix, and there’s always cable tv.
    I have Netflix with NO ads.

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