Move Aside, Foldable Screens: Microsoft Is Now Working on a Foldable Mouse

Microsoft Is Working on a Foldable Mouse with a "Deformable Body", Reveals Patent

Microsoft has been launching many new products in varied categories, ranging from the new Windows 11 OS to the new education-focused Surface Laptop SE. Now, a recent patent suggests that the Redmond giant is working on a new input peripheral, specifically a mouse, that physically bends to become more compact and travel-friendly. So, instead of jumping on the foldable screen bandwagon like many other companies, Microsoft plans to introduce a brand new category for computer peripherals in the market – foldable accessories.

The patent was recently spotted by Deutsch tech website WindowsUnited, and it showcases a computer mouse with, what Microsoft calls, a “deformable body” that can physically bend. There are no visible hinges on the device, and as per Microsoft, it will be able to fold to become a compact and travel-friendly accessory.

The company provided several concept drawings in the patent that showcases how the final product might look in the future. You can check out a couple of them attached below.

Microsoft Is Working on a Foldable Mouse with a "Deformable Body", Reveals Patent

Furthermore, the patent mentions that the mouse could feature an “expandable shell” placed on top of the deformable body. Moreover, it would also include an internal component “configured to wirelessly communicate tactile input and motion tracking data to the computing device.” So, it will be a wireless mouse capable of transmitting input and motion-tracking data over Bluetooth.

Now, what is the use of such a foldable mouse, you ask? Well, Microsoft says that current computer mice are “too bulky”, and hence are “inconvenient to carry around with portable computing devices.” Even the travel-friendly, compact mice available in the market “lack an ergonomic design and may be uncomfortable to use,” wrote Microsoft in the patent.

So, with the Microsoft foldable mouse, users will be able to fold the peripheral to make it half the original size. This will enable them easily carry it in their backpacks or even their pockets. However, there is no confirmation when Microsoft will launch the accessory in the market as it is merely a patent at this point. In fact, we are not even sure if Microsoft is planning to launch the device at all.

Are you ready to try such a foldable mouse for your computing needs? Also, what do you think of the design? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

VIA Ars Technica
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