10 Most Funded Technology Projects On Kickstarter

Before we start, a brief introduction about Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is one of the world’s largest croudfunding platform where people from around the world collectively support and fund a start-up via Internet. Since Its launch in 2009 more than 5 million people have funded 50,000+ creative start-ups and projects on Kickstarter.

That was just a basic idea about Kickstarter, If you want to know more, find out here.

Now, lets have a look at the top 10 most funded technology projects on Kickstarter.

most funded kickstarter projects

1. FORM 1: An Affordable, Professional 3D Printer

This project aims at providing high quality 3D printers at affordable price so that everyone can have access to 3D printing.

Funding: $2,945,885

More details about the project, here.

2. Oculus Rift: Step Into the Game

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality (VR) headset designed for 3D gaming. The pain point which Rift is solving is the price, as the existing headsets are highly priced for everyone to afford. Also, It claims to be the best in quality.

Funding: $2,437,429

More details about the project here.

3. 3Doodler: The World’s First 3D Printing Pen

It’s a pen that lets you draw in the air, create anything in just a few minutes. You just need basic home power supply and your drawing skills, nothing else. Check out the post which we wrote about 3Doodler here.

Funding: $2,344,134

More details about the project here.

4. The Buccaneer® – The 3D Printer that Everyone can us

This project is aimed at building a quality 3D printing technology and affordable 3D printer so that everyone can enjoy.

Funding: $1,438,765

More details about the project here.

5. LIFX: The Light Bulb Reinvented

It is a WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb. You can adjust the brightness and color of the bulb with your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Funding: $1,314,542

More details about the project here.

6. Structure Sensor: Capture The World in 3D

Structure sensor gives mobile devices the ability to capture and understand the world in 3D.

Funding: $1,290,439

More details about the project here.

7. Lima: The Brain of Your Devices

Lima is aimed at solving the storage problem on multiple devices. With Lima, all the devices work as a group. They all contain exactly the same files. Just like if they were one single, unique device.

Funding: $1,229,074

More details about the project here.

8. SmartThings: Make Your World Smarter

SmartThings connects your physical world to Internet. SmartThings offers wide variety of smart apps that can interact with all other apps and SmartThings, of course.

Funding: $1,209,423

More details about the project here.

9. Omni: Move Naturally in Your Favorite Game

Omni is an affordable head mounted display aims at taking virtual reality to the next level by its unmatched tech specs.

Funding: $1,109,351

More details about the project here.

10. RigidBot 3D Printer

RigidBot is an affordable and easy to use 3D printer for everyday use available as fully assembled or in kit form where you can assemble it easily.

Funding: $1,092,098

More details about the project here.

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Looks like we are going to see a lot of affordable 3D printers in 2014. I hope you enjoyed the post.

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