Minecraft Trapped Chest: How to Make and Use It

In Short
  • Trapped chest is a chest variant that also acts as a redstone component in Minecraft.
  • To make it, you need a regular chest and a tripwire hook. Combine them in a crafting grid to get a trapped chest.
  • This chest transits redstone signal to all four sides when it's opened and also downwards, allowing you to make a trash system, TNT traps, and more.

If pranking your friends is one of your favorite things to do, you just have to know about a trapped chest to take your pranks a step further. This chest will allow you to make some pretty crazy pranks if your friends aren’t careful. You can not only use it in multi-player worlds but in certain situations in your single-player worlds too. So, let’s first learn what a trapped chest is and then how to make and use it in Minecraft.

What Is a Trapped Chest?

Trapped chest is a variant of the regular chest in Minecraft and also a redstone component. It looks pretty much like the regular one, except for the latch that includes red pixels around it. It’s possible to combine two trapped chests similarly to regular ones and create a large trapped chest. This chest is unique because it emits a redstone signal while it’s open.

The signal strength it provides is equal to the number of players that are currently viewing its inventory, up to 15 at max. So, whenever a player accesses the inventory of a trapped chest, it’ll produce a redstone signal. Mobs cannot open this chest, so they cannot activate it.

Items Needed to Make a Trapped Chest

To make a trapped chest, you will need the following resources:

  • Regular chest
  • Tripwire hook

Chest is a simple storage block you can make with eight planks on a crafting table. Tripwire hook is an item you can make with one stick, one iron ingot, and one plank. Crafting table is not required for making a trapped chest as your inventory’s 2×2 crafting grid is also viable.

How to Craft a Trapped Chest

After you make a chest and a tripwire hook, follow the steps below to make a trapped chest.

  • Open your inventory with the E key. You can use a crafting table if you have it handy.
  • Place the chest and tripwire hook wherever you want inside the 2×2 crafting grid. This recipe is completely shapeless, so the position of these items doesn’t matter.
  • After you do that, the trapped chest icon will appear on the right. You can craft it by clicking on it.

How to Use a Trapped Chest

First of all, the trapped chest is a container block. You can ignore its redstone properties and simply use it as a normal chest in case you like the aesthetic red pixels.

A single trapped chest has 27 slots and the large one has 54 inventory slots. Moreover, while a trapped chest is opened, it will transmit redstone signal to all four sides as well as downwards. If a large trapped chest is opened, both halves will transmit the redstone signal.

Trashcan System

Because of this, a hopper placed below this chest will automatically be locked when you’re viewing the chest’s contents. This on its own can be fairly useful in case you’re making a trashcan system. You can deposit items in a chest that will then travel to a dropper that will spit them out in a fire or cactus.

The trapped chest will make sure no items leave the chest until you close the interface. So, if you accidentally throw something that you want to keep, you can safely retrieve it without it getting destroyed.

TNT Minecart Trap

Furthermore, trapped chests have always been a perfect prank option, as they can activate any TNT blocks adjacent to them, as well as below. Though, TNT can be spotted easily, thanks to its bright red color. But what players won’t expect is a TNT minecart trap. You can conceal it well underneath and easily earn yourself kills in a minigame or server event.

If you’re creative, you could come up with different practical uses for this block and even make your life easier in-game. So, don’t waste any more time and start using the trapped chest right away.

Can trapped chests burn?

No, trapped and regular chests don’t burn.

Can anyone open a trapped chest?

By default yes, anyone can open a trapped chest. But, if you modify the chest’s Lock tag, then only players with a certain item will be able to open it.

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