Minecraft Piglin Bartering Guide: How to Trade with Piglins

In Short
  • Piglins spawn in the Nether inside Nether wastes and crimson forest biomes in Minecraft.
  • Throw the gold ingot on the ground or right-click the piglin with it. After a few seconds, they'll toss an item at you.
  • Some of the items piglins can give you are gravel blocks, potions of fire resistance, ender pearls, string, obsidian and more.

Hostile and neutral mobs play an important role in Minecraft. They offer you a chance to participate in exciting combat battles, which yield precious drops. So, mob farms are pretty important, but in a few very special cases, mobs do not need to be killed at all for you to receive a drop. The villagers are one good example. However, in this guide, we will take a look at piglins and their ability to “trade” with players. So, without further ado, let’s learn everything about the piglin bartering mechanics in Minecraft and see how you can trade with piglins in the Nether.

Where Can You Find Piglins in Minecraft

Piglins live in the Nether dimension. To visit this area, you need to gather some obsidian and make a Nether portal in Minecraft. These mobs spawn in groups of 2-4 in the Crimson Forest and Nether Wastes biomes.

In addition, if a Bastion Remnant structure is generated in one of the other biomes, they will still be occupied with piglins, since they spawn with the structure. Sometimes, you’ll also come across baby piglins. They cannot grow up or attack the player but can be very annoying because they are not all that useful.

Moreover, make sure you have at least one piece of gold armor before encountering these mobs. Thanks to their obsession with gold, they will get agroed and gang up on you if you don’t show them enough respect and gold. The same goes for opening and breaking container blocks, such as chests, ender chests, and shulker boxes, nearby.

What Do You Need to Barter with Piglins

To barter with piglins, you will need to carry gold ingots to the Nether. They won’t give you anything in return for gold nuggets, gold armor, or anything else gold-related. Gold ingots are a product from smelting raw gold or gold ores from the Overworld or Nether gold ore. They can also be crafted with nine gold nuggets.

Piglins will drop a certain item or multiple of the same item after you give them a single gold ingot. So, we suggest you first make a gold farm in Minecraft since bartering with piglins can be pretty expensive otherwise.

Furthermore, you cannot barter with piglin brutes or zombified piglins, even if they were converted in the Overworld or the End.

How to Barter with Piglins in the Nether

After you made or smelted some gold ingots and found piglins in their natural habitat, it’s time you barter with them, so follow the steps below:

  • First, make sure you locate an adult piglin because only they are capable of bartering. Also, look out for any baby piglins. These little thieves will take the gold ingot you drop on the floor and won’t give you anything in return.
  • You can offer a gold ingot to a piglin in two ways. Either drop it near the piglin, like any other item, by pressing the Q key or right-click the mob with a gold ingot selected.
  • After the piglin has accepted the gold ingot, they will start examining it. This process lasts for exactly 6 seconds on the Java edition and 8 seconds on the Bedrock edition.
  • When they’re done, the piglin will drop one or multiple of the same item towards you. Don’t forget to put out any fires that may be nearby, so the drops don’t burn.
  • Piglins don’t have any kind of bartering cooldown, so you can repeat the same thing right away.
  • Make sure you don’t accidentally hit the piglin, as they’ll “confiscate” the ingot and won’t finish the bartering attempt.

Piglin Bartering Trade List in Minecraft

Now that you know how to trade with piglins, let’s go over what everyone is interested in – the loot piglins can barter and the changes of getting them.

8-16 Blackstone8.71%
8-16 Gravel8.71%
6-12 Spectral Arrows (Java Edition)8.71%
6-12 Arrows (Bedrock Edition)8.71%
2-8 Soul Sand8.71%
2-8 Nether Bricks8.71%
2-4 Leather8.71%
1 Fire Charge8.71%
1-3 Crying Obsidian8.71%
1 Obsidian8.71%
5-12 Nether Quartz4.36%
3-9 String4.36%
2-4 Ender Pearls2.18%
10-36 Iron Nuggets2.18%
1 Water Bottle2.18%
Potion of Fire Resistance1.74%
Splash Potion of Fire Resistance1.74%
Iron Boots with Soul Speed (random level)1.74%
Enchanted Book with Soul Speed (random level)1.09%

Set Up a Piglin Bartering Farm in Minecraft

Making a bartering farm is not overly complicated, but it can get frustrating. The point is to have gold ingots be dispensed to a piglin every 6 seconds (Java edition) or 8 seconds (Bedrock edition). This way, you’d be able to get as much loot as possible. Piglins should sit in a 1×1 walled up area, so they cannot escape and wander too far away from the dispenser.

Just by adding a simple collection system below the mobs, all the drops would end up safely in the chest. Also, make sure to name tag a piglin, so they don’t despawn when you leave the area.

One module or space for one piglin in the bartering (or trading) farm should consist of a dispenser constantly dispensing the gold ingots, a holding chamber for the piglin to stand in, and a collection system that’s going to pick up the drops.

Dispensing the gold ingots can be manual, but we suggest you hook it up to a redstone clock such as a hopper clock, so you can go AFK and still get the loot.

You can set up as many of these modules as you want for even more precious drops. Moreover, try to mob-proof the surroundings, so the farm stays safe from any random ghast’s fireballs. You can even build the farm on the Nether roof, but you’ll first need to learn how to break bedrock.

To help you out, here is a useful bartering farm tutorial video from an amazing Minecraft YouTuber Pixlriffs.

Now you’re ready to venture into the scary Nether and barter with those piggy-like mobs. Bartering mechanics are also extremely important, since some resources, such as gravel are only renewable in this way. So, if you are planning to create a long-term world, then setting up some kind of bartering farm is a must. Anyway, what do you think is the coolest drop from piglins? Tell us in the comments below!

Why won’t piglins trade with me?

Piglins won’t give you an item in case you offer them anything but gold ingots. Also, if a zombified piglin is near gold ingots on the ground, the piglin might get too scared to pick up the ingots. So, make sure there are no zombified piglins in the area.

Do piglins steal loot?

No, piglins will not steal loot unless it’s a gold-related item on the ground.

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