Minecraft Live 2023 Is Happening on this Date; Here are the Details!

minecraft live 2023 - minecraft 1.21 unveil date

The official trailer for Minecraft Live 2023 is finally here, and we now know when we will be getting the first sneak peek at the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update. The teaser highlights some of the biggest features we saw in the previous Minecraft 1.20 update, getting us hyped for the next major update. So, without wasting any time, let’s look at all the details.

Minecraft Live 2023 Event Date Announced

As revealed in an official blog post, Minecraft Live 2023 is going to take place on October 15, 2023, at 1:00 PM EDT (or 10:00 AM PST or 10:30 PM IST). This annual Minecraft event is returning exactly after one year, as the Minecraft 1.20 reveal happened on the same date last year. Could it be that Mojang is turning October 15 into Minecraft Live Day going forward?

That aside, you must be wondering — what is Mojang going to announce at the Minecraft Live 2023 event next month? Well, as usual, we will get information on the new features coming to Minecraft & Minecraft Legends in 2024. Plus, as we’ve mentioned before, we will learn the first details of the Minecraft 1.21 update, possibly some unique biome, mob, or block updates.

The Cherry Blossom biome as well as the archaeology features in Minecraft 1.20 have kept us all busy for the last couple of months. But it’s now time to look forward. Check out the Minecraft Live 2023 announcement trailer right here:

Moreover, as has been the tradition for years, Minecraft Mob Vote is making a return in 2023. We don’t have any details on what mobs we can choose from just yet, but we will learn more on October 13. So, stay tuned for the latest updates. You will be able to participate in Mob Vote 2023 in-game, via the Bedrock launcher, and even Minecraft’s website. We will potentially see the 2023 mob vote winner coming to the game with the Minecraft 1.21 update next year.

Last year, Sniffer won the Mob Vote and was added to the game with the Minecraft 1.20 update. This mob can sniff ancient seeds like Torchflower and Pitcher Pods. Learn all about the Sniffer in Minecraft 1.20 via the linked guide. What kinds of mobs do you wish to see in this year’s mob vote? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Darius says:

    I want an:
    Shark, whale, lion.

    Craion and hamburger.

    Map vote:

  • O9O9 says:

    I really want more ambient biome

  • O9O9 says:

    I really would like more ambient biome

  • Marco says:

    I want the duck

  • Karyssa says:

    I feel like we need more marine animals. Maybe a whale or shark, or even a stingray! OMG OR AN OTTER THAT LIVES IN BIG KELP AREAS!!

  • pay says:

    i want the armadillo

  • Tj says:

    I would like to see more blocks for it to be easier to build such as smaller block sizes. But for a mob i think some ariel mobs would be cool like dragons, dinosaurs and even birds. Or even a end overhaul as the end is kinda bland since theres only two reasons to go there, those two things are kill ender dragon and get elytra. So a end overhaul would be cool. Another suggestion would be to add a massive amount of biomes to the overworld. Thats all i can think of right now.

  • GOD156 says:

    I want a skulk dimension and giant Alex and blood golem and blood villager.

    • Raymond Rehbein says:

      Why do you want them to add creepy pasta

  • Raymond Rehbein says:

    I want ………. A ostrich

  • Roy Mileham says:

    More real to life mobs, Iguanas, tortoises, crocodiles and even if you don’t do it at least respond mojang. Also the most popular game in the world def need more updates more frequently, sometimes the slow drip of updates can leave a player losing interest altogether

  • Jack says:


  • Steve says:

    i want more sculk stuff and golems

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