6 Best Uses of Glow Berries in Minecraft

In Short
  • You may use glow berries as a food source in Minecraft. Also, these berries can be used to breed foxes.
  • Cave vines with glow berries emit a light level of 14, and the vines can also be climbed by the player.
  • Glow berries are beautiful decorations, but you can also choose to compost them if you have too many.

In our recent guide on how to grow glow berries, we covered all the mechanics related to harvesting, growing, and farming this orange berry that grows on cave vines. Now that you have glow berries, it is time to learn all the ways you can use these berries in your Minecraft world. As you will soon find out, they are more than just fruit. So with that said, let’s get started!

1. Food Item

If you hold a glow berry in your hand and hold the right-click or the secondary action button, you’ll start consuming this item. It will replenish one hunger point (one drumstick) and 0.4 saturation. Glow berries are not a very good food item, but they could save your life in a sticky situation inside a cave.

2. Great Light Source

Glow berries are one of Minecraft’s light source blocks. When a cave vine is bearing this fruit, it will emit a light level of 14, making lush caves pretty safe to explore.

3. Climbable Block

Just like all other vines in the game, glow berries are blocks with no hitbox and can be climbed. Walk into them and press the jump button to move up the vine. If you stop pressing it, you’ll start descending the vine.

4. Decorative Block

Cave vines are fairly beautiful blocks. They are often used as hanging decorations in organic builds, such as caves, giant trees, or overgrown ruins. You can use bone meal, made using a composter, to place the glow berries exactly where you want them in Minecraft, so the surroundings are safe from creepers.

Moreover, in the Java edition, you can right-click cave vine with shears to stop it from growing, as it’ll turn the age of that vine to the maximum value. You may also place the glow berries manually, so you don’t need to wait to trim them.

5. Breeding Foxes

Similar to the sweet berries, you can use glow berries to breed foxes. First, you may need to tie them, since they are rather fast Minecraft mobs. Then, right-click two foxes with the glow berry selected to get them in “love mode”. If you’d like the baby fox to grow up faster, you can also feed it some more glow berries and each one will decrease the growing time by 10%.

6. Composting Ingredient

The last use of the glow berries is recycling. If you have lots of them and don’t really know what to use them for, you can select the berries and right-click the composter to compost them. Every glow berry has a 30% chance of increasing the compost layer by one.

And that’s all. With that, now you know how to use glow berries in Minecraft. They are fairly simple but multifunctional items that will easily allow you to create beautiful and practical sections of mini-games on PvP Minecraft servers. So, what is your favorite use for glow berries? Let us know in the comments below!

Do glow berries prevent spawning?

Mobs will not spawn in the light level 1 or above and glow berries do stop the hostile mob spawning. However, if the berry is too far away from an area, its light may not reach to cover it so mobs may spawn.

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