Bundles Are Finally Coming to Minecraft, Plus a Free Epic Trial Outfit

Trial outfit and bundle changes coming to Minecraft
In Short
  • Mojang recently announced they're taking a well-deserved break, but the latest Minecraft Monthly video brings super exciting news related to bundles.
  • The developers are polishing the way you add, view, and withdraw items from the bundles, which will be available in Bedrock Beta and Preview soon.
  • Moreover, Trial outfit items are now available for everyone on the Minecraft Marketplace. You can equip them in the Dressing Room.

The Minecraft 1.21 update has been live for more than two weeks, and Mojang recently announced they will be taking a well-deserved break from snapshots. However, a new Minecraft Monthly video is here, and it brings two new surprises just as the summer starts. Those are an epic trial outfit and an incredible update related to Minecraft bundles.

Bundles Will Be Added to Minecraft Soon

No, you are not dreaming. After four years, we finally get more news on bundles in Minecraft. The developers have been working on polishing the way you add, view, and withdraw items from these bundles, and you can expect to use bundles very soon on Bedrock Beta and Preview.

Bundle redesign
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Minecraft

So, keep an eye on the Minecraft website, where further announcements related to bundles will be posted.

Epic Trial Outfit

From June 20th to June 26th, you could get yourself a super cool trial top character creator item, as well as the spooky trial mask. These were completely free and all you had to do was to complete a little Discord quest. Luckily, these two cool items are now available to everyone on the Minecraft Marketplace. That’s right.

Simply open Minecraft Bedrock, edit your character and you will find the two special outfit pieces in there. However, what’s an outfit without leggings? So, there are also matching trial leggings for you to complete the trial outfit in Minecraft. The items’ aesthetic fits perfectly with the trial chambers, so you’ll definitely want to wear them there.

Trial outfit available on the Minecraft Marketplace
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Minecraft

These three items together cost absolutely nothing, and you can equip them through the Dressing Room. While you are there, you can also learn how to change capes in Minecraft.

That said, those are all the updates we have to share with you right now. So, are you a fan of the new Minecraft trial outfit? Are you excited to finally use bundles in Minecraft? Tell us how you feel in the comments down below!

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