Finally, It’s Possible to Ride Horses & Minecarts Through Portals in Minecraft

In Short
  • It's now possible to ride entities like minecarts and horses through portals in Minecraft without getting off.
  • This can make transporting the player and mobs a lot more convenient and faster in Minecraft 1.21 onwards.
  • Also, this change allows players to create creative and cool roller coaster rides and wonderful tours on their server.

Apart from all the fun features and mechanics introduced in Minecraft 1.21, there was one secret change that many might have missed. Well, this change can make your time inside Minecraft a lot easier. Yes, we are talking about portals today. To be specific, we discuss how you can now ride entities like horses or minecarts through portals in Minecraft.

Ride Through Nether or End Portals in Minecraft

Unlike before, you can be riding a horse or sitting inside a minecart, and when coming into contact with the portal blocks (no matter whether it’s a Nether portal or End portal), you’ll be transported to the other dimension immediately without issues. You can also predict what side you will come out on, so you can pre-place the rail track for the minecarts.

Player riding a minecart through a Nether portal in Minecraft

As you might recall, this was not a thing before, as you had to get off your horse or jump out of your minecart in order for the portal to teleport you.

Why Is This Change Useful in Minecraft?

This may not seem like a worthwhile or huge change to some, but trust me when I say it’s of greater importance than you think. Let’s go over two uses of riding entities through portals.

1. Fast and Easy Transport Through the Nether

As you probably know, Nether works differently from the Overworld and you can cover a lot more ground faster. Combine that with the portal change, and you will arrive at your destination super conveniently.

You can set up a minecart ride at your Overworld base and sit back and relax while the machine takes you all the way to the final stop no matter whether it’s in the Nether, End, or well, back to the Overworld. This is a fairly practical use and can make transporting the player a lot easier. However, this isn’t only applied to players but to mobs as well.

Yes, there is no more fiddling around with the dangerous or dumb mobs around the portals. Once they’re inside the minecart, you can transport them to the end in one piece. This is especially great if you’re moving villagers from one Minecraft biome to the other or even making a huge zoo that holds all mobs in Minecraft.

2. More Creative Rides Unlocked

This second use is a lot less practical and a lot more fun. Imagine making an epic roller coaster that goes in and out of all three Minecraft dimensions in crazy and creative ways. You could hide the portals and make the ride more immersive and memorable.

If you’re a Minecraft server owner, you can also make a nice tour that highlights all creations in your world with no need to ever step out of the minecart. The opportunities are only limited by your own creativity, so let it flow.

Just like that, you’re now familiar with the fact that you can easily ride entities through portals in Minecraft. Again, this may not seem too important, but once you start utilizing its uses, you’ll never want to play in the older versions again.

That said, what are your thoughts on riding entities through portals?

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