Minecraft Camels: Everything You Need to Know

Minecraft Live 2022 event has concluded, and it has left us to dream about the upcoming features of the next major Minecraft 1.20 update. One of the most exciting new additions is the Camel in Minecraft 1.20, which will change the desert Minecraft biome forever. They are one of the many new Minecraft mobs that might make it into the game within a few months. So, it’s time to see what camels bring to Minecraft and how they fit within its world.

We have covered different aspects of the Minecraft camel in individual sections. Use the table below to find out the detail about the camels which interest you the most.

Where Do Camels Spawn in Minecraft?

Camels in Minecraft Desert

As you might expect, Camels will be exclusive to the desert biomes of Minecraft. Though, you might find them wandering around in the other neighboring biomes as well. One thing that is confirmed about their spawning is that the camels will only spawn above-ground in the overworld dimensions.

Due to their tall height, they can’t accidentally spawn within the lush caves, dripstone caves, and other caves in-game. More often than not, you will find these lovely animals sitting on the desert floor, waiting for a rider. And you also get the wobbly mechanics, similar to the real world, for when the camels get up.

Camels in Minecraft 1.20: Abilities

The camel mob in Minecraft 1.20 will have the following abilities:

  • Sprint: For a limited period, you can make the camel run faster and easily avoid the enemies chasing you. So it could be an excellent replacement for a horse.
  • Dash: Similar to sprint, the dash ability allows camels to move quickly from one location to another. Instead of an increase in speed, this ability is similar to a quick long jump, which can be useful in crossing dangerous ravines and water bodies.
  • Speed: In complex terrains, camels are much slower than horses. But in flat areas, they can gain speed over time, which should allow them to easily compete with horses. Racing the camel against a horse to see who’s faster will be our priority when Minecraft 1.20 betas and preview builds are released in the coming weeks.
  • Healing: Just like players, camels slowly heal themselves over time. This ability isn’t affected by their hunger, energy, or movement.

Two Players Can Ride One Camel

Unlike horses, up to two players can ride a single camel at the same time in Minecraft 1.20, making them the ultimate travel-cum-combat mob in the game.

We call it a combat mob because one player can fight the hostile mobs while the other steers them out of harm’s way. This mechanic opens up a variety of new possibilities in the game that all the players in Minecraft multiplayer servers will enjoy. Expanding on the rideability, it seems that each player will need their own saddle to ride the camel. Though, no confirmation about the same has been revealed yet.

What Do Camels Eat in Minecraft

The camels in Minecraft will eat cactus plants that grow in the desert biome, which is also home to this new mob. This is similar to real life and makes the cactus (primarily used to make green dye for wool) more useful with the next update.

How to Breed Camels in Minecraft 1.20

Camel baby along with adult Camel in Minecraft | Image Courtesy: YouTube/Minecraft

Much like most domestic mobs in Minecraft, you can also breed camels to spawn baby camels. To breed them, you need to get two camels next to each other and feed each of them a piece of cactus. Following that, a baby camel will spawn after a few seconds. Then, you will have to wait for a few minutes to be able to breed the camels again. In the meantime, the baby camel might also grow into an adult.

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