Microsoft Bing And Edge Gains AI-Enabled Shopping Features

This image depicts the Microsoft Bing chatbot in a smartphone with the Bing logo in the background

Earlier this year, Microsoft solidified its focus on AI by introducing its GPT-4 powered Bing AI, which has had its fair share of the limelight. Eventually, we saw the integration of Bing AI into Windows 11 with the new Windows Copilot and now, Microsoft is looking to make your shopping experience much more easier with AI. Here’s a look at what this is about.

Use Bing and Edge To Shop With AI!

As per the official announcement, Microsoft is looking to offer a “fully immersive shopping experience” to Bing and Edge users by combining AI with online shopping. There is a slew of AI tools within the Bing Search Engine and the Bing AI chatbot located in the Edge Sidebar.

The first update is in the form of Buying Guides. As the name suggests, based on your input keywords, the AI will create comprehensive buying guides and curated lists that fit your requirement. For example, if you are looking to build a PC, you can simply type “PC Build” in the search bar. The AI will create an expansive list that will include all the peripherals to complete a PC buildup. It will give you options for monitors, CPU choices, GPU choices, case choices, keyboards, and much more.

Additionally, you can also see side-by-side comparisons of similar products to make better purchase decisions. This feature is available right away in the U.S. for both the Bing sidebar and the Edge Chat. Global rollout of this feature has started as well and you can expect it to reach more regions soon. You will be able to access this feature via your PC and mobile devices as well.

The new Buying Guides AI feature in Bing and Edge is depicted here.
Source: Microsoft

The next update is in the form of a Price Match. So, let’s say you have selected the monitor that you want for your PC Build. The AI will now enable you to determine when it is optimal to purchase that monitor at a discount. The shopping tool, for example, will let you know exactly when the price of the monitor will drop if it is currently listed for $300. So, maybe on July 3, the price of the monitor will be down to $200. The AI will let you take note of it and will remind you on July 3 to complete your purchase.

In this way, you can be sure to get the best deal for the products you want. Even after you have completed your purchase, the AI will monitor the product price and will let you know if there is a better deal available on a similar product elsewhere. This will be an in-built feature and will be automatically initiated whenever you access shopping tools. It will soon arrive in the U.S. There is no word on a global rollout.

The last feature is in the form of Summarized Reviews and Insights. So, you have selected the monitor you want to buy and are aware of the best time of purchase. Now, how do you know if your choice is the best one? Maybe there is a better option available out there. Maybe you have overlooked a major con of the monitor. And even if none of this is your concern, based on the myriad of options available online, it is often easy to feel overwhelmed.

Microsoft Summarized and Review Insights AI shopping feature

With the help of this AI shopping tool, you will be able to generate summarized reviews of the top comments and opinions on the device. The AI can even create bite-sized insights into the key specifications of the product and help you compare it with another product under the same category. You will also be able to generate general factors based on the product. The global rollout of this feature has begun already.

This comes after Google’s attempt to make shopping easier with AI using Search and Bard. There’s a virtual try-on feature to let you pick out the clothes you want and try them out online to know how well they fit you. Similarly, you can input your purchase query and Google’s generative AI will curate a list for you with current pricing, reviews, buying links, and other relevant information. You will be able to see the key pointers to keep in mind before making a purchase decision.

In the coming weeks, you will be able to experience these new Microsoft AI Shopping tools. With that being said, we will be sure to test them out and see how well they hold up. In the meantime, do let us know the features you are most excited about in the comment below.

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