Microsoft Bing AI Available For Third-Party Browsers; Check out the Details!

Microsoft's Bing AI is coming to mobile browsers

Microsoft’s Bing AI is safely one of the best ChatGPT alternatives in the market ever since its launch. With its expanding capabilities, Bing AI is now being expanded to third-party browsers after being available on Edge and even Android and iOS. Keep reading to know more.

Enjoy Bing AI in Chrome and Safari Mobile!

To celebrate 6 months of Bing AI, Microsoft has decided to bring its generative AI chatbot to third-party browsers like Chrome and Safari on mobile devices. This expansion was previously talked about too but nothing concrete was available. With this integration, no matter what your preferred mobile browser is, you can enjoy the generative AI capabilities of Bing.

And based on what Microsoft has to say about Bing, looks like this level of deep integration will only make the generative AI chatbot better. According to Microsoft, users around the globe have already used Bing AI to generate “over 1 billion chats and over 750 million images.

Microsoft’s Bing AI includes a number of abilities that make it quite strong with the ability to use DALL-E models to generate images, the availability of full-blown chat history, the ability to input thirty messages per conversation, a native dark mode option, and much more. However, how much of Bing’s capabilities translate to its third-party browser integration is still a question.

As of now, Microsoft has not specified a date for the integration. The blog post reads, “You can start experiencing the new AI-powered Bing in third-party browsers on the web and mobile soon.” So, we expect it to happen soon within the coming weeks. We will be sure to let you know about our experience as soon as the integration goes live for us. In the meantime, do share your thoughts about the Bing AI integration in mobile browsers in the comment section below.

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