March 7th’s New Ability Teased in HSR Summer Game Fest Trailer

March 7th Wardance New Ability Teased Summer Fest
Image Courtesy: Summer Fest 2024
In Short
  • March 7th's new ability Wardance was teased during the Summer Fest trailer.
  • She will learn Wardance in Xianzhou Luofu, which will unlock her new ability.
  • Her new ability allows her to dual wield swords, and she is getting a new skin with it too.

Honkai Star Rail gave us a sneak peek into March 7th’s new ability in their Summer Fest 2024 trailer. During the HSR 2.1 Livestream, Shaoji the Star Rail Franchise writer revealed that March 7th will get a similar path-switching system like the Trailblazer. After months of silence on the topic, they have finally teased March 7th’s new ability with a completely new skin during their Summer Game Fest trailer.

March 7th Dual Wielding Swords Summer Fest Teaser
Image Courtesy: Summer Fest 2024

The majority of the trailer in the Summer Fest was the same one released in version 2.3 Livestream, with only the last couple of seconds teasing March 7th’s new ability. The teaser starts with March 7th looking at a poster in the Xianzhou Luofu about “Wardance“. In the next instance, we see her wearing a new dress and dual-wielding swords.

March 7th’s new ability is named Wardance, which she will likely learn from the new visitors of Xianzhou Luofu. As revealed in the 2.1 Livestream, March 7th’s path-switching system will be based on her creating new memories along the way, instead of walking on a new path. This likely means that March 7th will learn the art of Wardance from someone in Xianzhou Luofu and unlock her new path or set of skills.

Wardance Poster March 7th new Ability teaser
Image Courtesy: Summer Fest 2024

Currently, we have no clue what the actual ability will be like in-game. Whether it is going to be a set of new skills or a complete change in her Path (likely to the Hunt for this case). Whichever it is, I love how Honkai Star Rail is experimenting with different ideas and developing the much beloved Astral Crew alongside the Trailblazer.

We also don’t know when March 7th’s new ability Wardance will be playable in the game, but my guess would be in version 2.4 or later. Version 2.4 will likely take the Trailblazers back to Xianzhou Luofu, as the new characters Yunli and Jiaquo drip marketing confirm them for HSR 2.4 banners.

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