How to Make a Lava Farm in Minecraft

In Short
  • You can make a lava farm in Minecraft with inflammable building blocks, pointed dripstone, cauldrons, and lava sources.
  • Place cauldrons, followed by building blocks above them with a one-block gap and have lava contained above it. Attach pointed dripstone to the underside and see it collect in the cauldrons.
  • As for the uses, lava is a fuel source and light-emitting block, and can also be used in farms, buildings, and as a trash can.

You can easily make infinite water with two existing water sources in Minecraft. But many players have always been confused as to why you cannot do the same with lava, even though it can be quite useful. It wasn’t even possible to get infinite lava in Minecraft just a couple of updates ago. However, thanks to pointed dripstone blocks, you can easily multiply lava sources and make your life easier in Minecraft. So, in this guide, let’s see how to make a lava farm in Minecraft right away.

What You Need to Make a Lava Farm

We will be making a simple eight-block-long lava farm. You can expand it later to fit your needs by making multiple rows of this farm or building upon the first section. To make a lava farm, you will need the following resources:

  • Inflammable building blocks (8 + 18)
  • 8 Pointed dripstone
  • 8 Cauldrons
  • 8 Lava buckets

As you can assume based on the resources above, we will be duplicating lava from existing sources into cauldrons with the help of pointed dripstone blocks. You can make this farm as big or as small as you want. You’ll also be able to expand it with the same resources in the future.

Steps to Make a Lava Farm in Minecraft

Now, once you have collected all the materials, you can start making the lava farm with the steps below.

  • First, place eight cauldrons side by side in a row.
  • Then, place eight inflammable building blocks one block above the cauldrons.
  • Attach the pointed dripstone block to the underside of those blocks.
  • After that, you will need to take the rest of the building blocks and surround the area just above the blocks with pointed dripstone attached to them. We’re essentially making a holding area for the lava.
  • Finally, add all eight lava sources above each of the cauldrons inside the holding area. Pay attention not to miss-click and place two lava sources on the same block, as you’ll then have to go and collect more lava. Also, it’s essential to have lava sources and not flowing lava above the cauldrons. Lava will be duplicated only in that way.
  • You can then block off the lava from above, just in case you don’t accidentally fly into it with your elytra.
  • All that’s left to do at this point is wait. After some time, the cauldrons will be filled with lava, which you can take out using the bucket.

Why Do You Need a Lava Farm in Minecraft?

Lava is not as essential as water is, but you still need it quite often. With this lava farm, you’ll be able to create infinite fuel for your smelting or cooking needs. Moreover, lava is a vital ingredient in some redstone farms. Whether it’s for killing iron golems in the iron farm or producing cobblestone with the cobblestone generator, you need lava for it.

It’s also possible to use lava as a trash can. Whatever you throw into it will burn. However, due to the noise players usually opt for cactus, since it can even destroy netherite. But, you can then use lava in certain other ways thanks to this sound effect, like for a build of sorts.

Moreover, the lava block itself can be used as a building feature. You can make lava tubes with stained glass or a massive lava pool in your base or outside to keep it protected. Not only that, but lava can also help you pull off a huge prank, as long as lava doesn’t destroy anything important.

Another quite obvious property of lava is that it emits a light level of 15. This makes it one of the light source blocks in the game. So with it, you and your base will be pretty safe, as long as you don’t fall into it or have made the entire base out of wood. So as you can see, you can do all sorts of things with lava, so having a lava farm is rather useful.

Just like that, you now know how to make a lava farm, and therefore, get infinite lava in Minecraft. So if you’ve got some pointed dripstone, iron, and a lava pool near your base, you know what to do. If you’re struggling with some resources, feel free to go through our Minecraft biomes guide to see exactly where to find the pointed dripstone blocks.

When it comes to the cauldrons, your best bet is to make an iron farm, which we also have a guide on. With that, waste no more time and create infinite lava right away!

Is lava renewable in Minecraft?

Yes, lava is renewable thanks to this lava farm design. You can make infinite lava and destroy all the other lava sources in your world if you don’t need it.

How do you collect lava from a cauldron automatically?

Dispensers cannot retract the lava from a cauldron in any way, so the player is necessary for manually collect lava. However, there is a way you can automate this, but it’s pretty complex.

You can make a rail track around cauldrons and have the player travel over them in a minecart and hold down right-click. You can also set up the collection system underneath to collect the lava buckets. This setup will allow you to go fully AFK and still collect lava.

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