Did MachineGames Secretly Tease Quake 6 in the Indiana Jones Trailer?

Quake Logo Cover
Image Source: Bethesda Softworks
In Short
  • MachineGames teased us with a Quake 6 easter egg in their recent Indiana Jones showcase during Xbox Direct 2024.
  • In this showcase, we see a MachineGames whiteboard where they have written Quake 6 in the left corner.
  • According to reports, the Quake 6 name is a codename similar to how Quake 5 was named Quake Champions later.

Although the 2024 Xbox Developer Direct was quite shorter than expected, we got some major reveals out of the event. Apart from the amazing Indiana Jones trailer revealed at the event, there is a chance we might have missed something amazing. We are talking about Quake 6, and yes, we are serious.

Quake 6 Teased in Indiana Jones Trailer?

While we were enjoying the exciting reveal of Indiana Jones, at a specific moment, we witnessed the Quake 6 easter egg. A lot of vigilant fans immediately spotted the easter egg. In the trailer, we see the developer’s planner board where, at the very left corner, we see Quake 6 written. But what does it mean?

Quake 6 written on a board in Indiana Jones trailer
Quake 6 written on Machinegames whiteboard (Source: Xbox Direct 2024)

According to multiple sources, Quake 6 can be a codename for the next Quake game. As we all know, the 5th edition was called Quake Champions, which was a successful sequel to the already plausible franchise.

So, if we consider Quake Champions as the 5th game of the Quake franchise, MachineGames might be teasing us through this. Moreover, the Quake Champions was just a free-to-play multiplayer version. In that case, we might see the Quake 4 story finally getting picked up from where it paused in 2005.

Previously, in 2021, an industry insider, Shpeshal Nick, revealed that Quake 6 might be a remastered version of the successful franchise. As a fan of FPS games, this thrills me, as we already got another successful remaster of Quake 2 in 2023.

Quake 2 2023
Quake 2 2023 (Image: Bethesda Softworks)

As Bethesda branches id Software and MachineGames already gave us some good blend of FPS games in the reboot of Wolfenstein and DOOM, we can expect more from them. It will be a perfect combination when id Software blends its multiplayer prowess with the great storytelling of MachineGames. Maybe Quake 6 will be the next big and surpass Call of Duty franchise for Microsoft.

So, what do you think about the Quake 6 tease during the Indiana Jones trailer? Are you excited for the remastered version, or do you think it will be a completely new story for the Quake franchise? Tell us in the comments below.

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