LG’s New “Tone Free” Earbuds Come With a Self-Cleaning Charging Case

LG tone free feat.

Following the rise of the Coronavirus, we have seen a lot of gadget cleaning devices like the “Phonesoap” that uses UV-C light to kill harmful bacteria and germs. However, there isn’t any wireless earphone in the market that comes with a UV-C cleaning case inside the box. Enter LG’s new wireless earbuds that come with a UV-C self-cleaning technology to keep your buds free from the Coronavirus and other harmful microorganisms.

LG’s flagship “Tone Free” wireless charger just arrived in the market and it is definitely feature-packed. However, leading in the list of features is LG’s UVnano tech that is present in the charging case that the company claims will kill bacterias and germs up to 99.9%.

However, do not confuse it with a regular self-cleaning device. This feature is only meant to kill germs and not clean any physical dirt like earwax from the earbuds. So that has to be taken care of manually.

So now, let’s pretend its just another new wireless earphones which did not enter the market during a pandemic and concentrate on the other not so “wait, what?” features.

The design is a canal-type design which offers a comfortable wear and also provides a better ear seal. The silicon tip ensures a perfect grip, and I have to mention that at first glance, it looks an awful lot like the Airpods Pro.

LG also decided to give an ambient sound mode which allows you to hear outside sounds as if you are walking on the street for instance. The company didn’t include active noise cancellation to the earbuds. However, the silicon tips work to an extent by providing passive noise cancellation.

Some of the other features include Meridian’s customized EQ sound settings, IPX4 water resistance, voice command for Google Assistant, or Siri.

The battery life is 6 hours which I think is quite decent. The germ-killing charging case can charge the buds up to 3 times which is 18 hours.

It even comes with an app that is available on both iOS and Android where you can adjust the settings of the earbuds. The app is quite good with a lot of toggles and sliders to choose from. This enables to customize the buds to a large extent. Also, this is where you can access the ambient sound mode from.

You can also customize the gestures on the buds. Another cool thing, you can actually make one earbud play a loud noise in case you cannot find it in your house or car. The app is not at all basic, that much one can say.

The “Tone Free” earbuds are currently available on LG’s official website and LG-authorized resellers and retail for around $150 (~Rs 11,275).

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