This Cool Device Can Charge Your Smartphone While Killing 99.9% Viruses on It

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Amidst the rising tensions of the Novel Coronavirus, governments and health organisations are encouraging citizens to wash hands often and stay hygienic. However, there is something in your pocket right now that has not been washed or cleaned in a long time. Yup, that is your smartphone. It is that one thing that we use daily, in every situation and place. It continues to collect all the dust, water and who knows, maybe even the Coronavirus. Well, Phonesoap might just be the right product at this time of the pandemic.

The Phonesoap is a device that cleans your smartphone and kills 99.9% of the germs, viruses and pathogens that are on your device. And while it is killing all those germs, you can charge up your smartphone inside the…um let’s say “spa” for your smartphone!

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Now, let me tell you how the device works and NO, it does not use actual soap to clean your device! That would have been dumb. Instead, it uses the handy dandy ultraviolet (UV) light to disinfect your device. So, the way it works is that you place your smartphone inside the rectangular case. There is a smartphone compartment to place your device. You also have a small cut-out at one end of the case through which your charging cable can pass. So you place your device in the compartment inside, pass your charging cable through the dedicated cut-out and plug it in your phone, close the lid of the case and press the button with the lightning logo. Now you can go to sleep while the Phonesoap kills the germs, bacteria and viruses and charges up your device.

So, you’re thinking, how does a light kill germs and viruses? Well, the company thought this through. According to their official website, there are three types of UV light – UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. Now, UV-A and UV-B have longer wavelengths than the UV-C and that makes UV-C the germ and virus killing machine as it is! The UV-C light can be harmful to the human eyes and it cannot enter the atmosphere of our planet because of my man, the Ozone layer. So, the manufacturers have recreated the UV-C light that is emitted inside the Phonesoap. This is what kills all the micro-organisms on your device. You can learn more and see some scientific tests on their official website.

The unit comes equipped with a 6500mAh battery and takes up to 4.5 hours to fully charge. It can charge up a smartphone 2-4 times and run the disinfection process around 45 times on a single charge. At the back of the device, there is a USB-A output and a USB-C input/output port.

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The Phonesoap comes with a price tag of $79.95 (~Rs 5,900) and it only ships to the States. However, the unit is currently out of stock and the company is accepting pre-orders. You can head here to pre-book one for yourself.

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