Lenovo’s AR Glasses May Let You See Multiple Screens

lenovo ar glasses

Lenovo has shown off new AR concept glasses at its annual Lenovo Tech World 2019 event earlier this week. These lightweight portable glasses are targeted at PC users who care about privacy.

The company says that these AR glasses would help people access virtual workspaces at public places, accessing confidential bank information when you’re in a commute, for instance.

It also aims to help office workers view multiple screens simultaneously without any additional infrastructure, with a feature it calls “multi-space”. If the glasses are as promising as it sounds, it could potentially replace a second screen for many.

From the teaser video, it is evident that there are three front cameras in this new AR glass. A wire runs along the frame to connect the glass to a PC. However, there is no word on other technical specifications of these glasses. There is no information regarding the pricing and availability of the glasses as well.

Also, it is worth noting that these are concept glasses and might not see the daylight if it does not satisfy the internal standards set by the company after testing the final product and hence, I would recommend you not to keep high hopes on this one.

Even if it comes out, it will be interesting to know if these AR glasses manage to hold up against competitive offerings that promise more features than this glass. We will hold our judgment until the Chinese tech giant finalizes the product.

Check out the teaser video below and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments.

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