Leaked Data of 267m Facebook Users Costs $543 on Dark Web

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Facebook is one big source of data about millions of users around the world. After suffering from one of the biggest data scandals of the decade, security researchers from Cyble recently reported that data of 267 million users from the social media site has been leaked on the dark web and it is available for a pretty affordable price.

Cyble Inc. is a company providing organisations with a real-time view of cyber threats and security breaches of their supply chains. This allows organisations to keep their systems secure and act fast in times of a security risk.

Now, researchers from the aforementioned cybersecurity firm reported that they were able to obtain personal information of at least 267 million Facebook users from one of the “threat actors” on the dark web for a price of 500 euros (~$543). Although the data does not include passwords of the users, however, there are personal details like the first and last names, email IDs, phone numbers, age and more.

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The firm reported that its cyber researchers were able to execute the sale on the dark web. Then they downloaded and verified all the data and uploaded to their database. You can check if your account information is in one of these leaked data from Cyble’s data breach monitoring system, AmIbreached.com.

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As of now, the cause of this data breach is unknown. However, Cyble reports that it might be a result of leakage in third-party API or scrapping. They also said that as the data contains personal and sensitive information of the users, it can be used by cyber attackers for phishing and spamming these users.

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