The Best Class and Mastery to Pick in Last Epoch

In Short
  • In Last Epoch, you can find five different classes named Mage, Rogue, Acolyte, Primalist, and Sentinel, each belonging to a different playstyle.
  • Each of these classes has three specializations, drastically changing the characters' gameplay.
  • Ultimately, you choose a class based on the type of specialization you want to follow.

Like any action RPG, Last Epoch has you select various classes. Depending on your chosen class, you build a customized experience during fights. But the advantage of this game over others is its brilliant mastery system and broad skill choices. With so many options, you’d be wondering which class to pick. And, if you are in such a pickle, let us help you out. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at all the best classes and masteries in Last Epoch and suggest the one that you should pick.

What Class of Characters Are Available in Last Epoch?

If you have played any isometric action RPG in recent years, you’d be familiar with the class archetypes available in-game. The game takes some necessary inspiration for its classes from titles like Path of Exiles and Diablo. As such, you’ll find some similarities to them. However, Last Epoch actually comes with a unique system.

There are five starter classes in Last Epoch. Furthermore, each of these class members has something called mastery classes. These sub-classes unlock once you reach level 20 and start progressing through the story. Mastery classes allow you to fine-tune your playstyle further, focusing on a unique build. Here are all the classes and mastery classes in Last Epoch:


The Mage Class logo
Image Courtesy: Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch

Mage is the magic-based class in the game. This class uses arcane powers to make up for his past wrongdoings while helping the world in the process. Mages generally have elemental magic, such as fire, ice, and electric magic. You can unlock three specializations with Mage:

  • Sorcery: The Sorcery Mage solely uses elemental magic. This allows him to use fire, ice, or lighting magic spells to go against his foes. This is perfect for players who enjoy building spellcasting builds. So if you do, be prepared for some amazing magic.
  • Spellblade: Mages proficient in this mastery can wield blades at close range and incorporate elemental magic on their weapons. This one gets you a little closer to the action and is perfect for players who want to use melee builds while also enjoying the magic.
  • Runemaster: The Runemaster Mage uses the power of raw arcane magic, decimating foes in the process. It weaves offensive and protective wards into magic for various situations. You can use your spells in a specific order to cause massive destruction.


Image Courtesy: Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch

A quick and agile class, Rogue in Last Epoch behaves similarly to a Rogue from any other fantasy action RPG. They can dual-wield weapons, enjoy using bows without problems, and hide in the shadows to fight their opponents. A Rogue comes with three specializations:

  • Bladedancer: A mastery made for the ones who want action, the Bladedancer Rogue is proficient in handling small blades and dual-wielding. She uses shadows and quick movement to her advantage, cutting enemies quickly and silently. Furthermore, she can dodge most of the strikes effortlessly. But remember that Rogues have low HP, so temper your anger.
  • Marksman: The polar opposite of being a Bladedancer, Marksman Rogues are great at handling bows and arrows. They can shoot precise arrows at enemies, killing them from a distance. So, if you prefer to stay far behind, this one is for you.
  • Falconer: Falconer Rogue, as the name suggests, employs the help of a Pet Falcon to support them in the fight. Furthermore, Rogue from this class uses traps frequently to fight their opponents. And as a bonus, you will have your falcon’s loyalty.


Image Courtesy: Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch

The Primalist uses the power of nature and beasts to fight through onslaught of enemies. They play similarly to something like a Druid in Diablo, and if you enjoy such gameplay, you’ll feel right at home. Primalist comes with three specializations:

  • Shaman: The Shaman Primalist uses magic to control the elements to their advantage. They can call in whirlwinds and thunderstorms, crack open mountains, and overall be a menace thanks to their trusty totems. As such, expect some spells.
  • Druid: This class barely needs any introduction. Druid Primalists use the power of nature to turn the tides of battle. They can transform into ferocious beasts to decimate their opponents and even move trees to their will.
  • Beastmaster: As the name suggests, Beastmaster Primalists employ the help of various beasts in fights. While they use weapons, they can also call in animals such as snakes and saber-toothed-tiger to come and help them during battles. So, if you wanted a Rogue Falconer with more power, this is a good option.


Image Courtesy: Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch

Acolytes are mystical mages that utilize ancient dark magic to turn the tide of war. They’ll usually employ the help of blood magic or reanimated deceased to come and assist them through various fights. An Acolyte has three specializations:

  • Necromancer: Another popular class in action RPGs, Necromancers use the forbidden art of reanimating the dead to bring them back to the living to do your bidding. You can use the undead to assist you in fights, turning the tides of war.
  • Lich: Lich Acolytes employ corrupted blood and dark magic to fight their opponents on the battlefield. They’ll utilize their health to gain an advantage at the Warfield, stealing life and consuming them to become invincible. You can even poison yourself to deal damage to the enemies.
  • Warlock: Warlocks utilize curses and forbidden arts to fight their opponents. They can use these forbidden curses to kill their opponents quickly and effectively. You can even open up fissures in the ground to deal devastating damage to your enemies.


Image Courtesy: Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch

Sentinels are honorable warriors who are adept at combat using weapons. These prideful individuals are willing to rid the world of trouble and bring peace. If you’re getting high knight vibes, you’re not the only one. Sentinels have three specializations:

  • Paladin: Paladins are righteous warriors who bring light to the darkness and rally their friends to victory. These are the support-based fighters who can heal their parties in various situations.
  • Void Knight: As the name suggests, Void Knights utilize the void to annihilate their foes. They leave behind trails of void that consume enemies, killing them in the process. These knights can even teleport themselves using this magic.
  • Forge Guard: Forge Guards are defense-based Sentinels that can withstand strong attacks while hitting back hard against enemies. Forge Guard knights carry fire damage and can even summon magical weapons.

What Is the Best Class to Pick in Last Epoch?

Image Courtesy: Eleventh Hour Games

Now that we’ve seen what classes and masteries are available in Last Epoch, you might be scratching your head at picking the best one. After all, once you pick a class, you commit to it for a while. You can select only one class while creating the character. If you want to try something else, you will need to create a different character.

When I did my Diablo 4 guides, I believed in a philosophy. Ultimately, pick a class that suits your playstyle completely. Not every class in the game will suit what you enjoy. However, I tried the following two builds while playing the game. And I found that these classes are fun, as well as great on the battlefield:

  • If you enjoy summoning minions to do your fight and decimating enemies in the process, we suggest picking the Acolyte and mastering the Necromancer mastery. This is my favorite, as Necromancer is my go-to class for any fantasy action RPG. As such, this is no different.
  • If you want to play a support-based role that can withstand opponents, we suggest picking the Sentinel Class and specializing in Paladin mastery. This will allow you to heal yourself and your friends on the battlefield. You can even give them power buffs when needed.
  • If you enjoy performing various forms of magic, pick a Mage. If you want to use elemental magic but enjoy weapons, try the Spellblade Mastery.
  • If you enjoy fast and agile gameplay, pick the Rogue. If you want to employ traps in your toolkit, use Falconer mastery. If you’re going to kill enemies from a distance, use Marksman. Finally, if you want to be swift and silent, use Bladedance.
  • Finally, If you enjoy nature, want to use animals to help you in the battle, or call in whirlwinds, then pick the Primalist Class.

At the end of the day, no matter what class you pick, you start at an even playing field from scratch. Hence, pick the one that fancies you. Then, experiment with the builds to see every class decimating enemies through its various chapters. So, which class did you pick in Last Epoch? Let us know in the comments below.

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