Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 235: Gojo vs Sukuna Fight Has a Clear Winner!

The legendary battle between the Sorcerer Supreme Gojo Satoru and Ryomen Sukuna, the King of Curses, has been ongoing in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga for over three months. There is no shortage of epicness in all the chapters we have read until now. The last few chapters also hinted that the climax of this battle was fast approaching. But we did not expect the results so soon. We got an unreal showdown in Jujutsu Kaisen’s manga chapter 235, with the winner of this illustrious fight teased in the final panel. But is the fight really over? Well, keep reading to learn who won the battle between Gojo and Sukuna.

Spoilers Warning: This article contains spoilers about Gojo Satoru vs. Sukuna in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga. Therefore, read the manga beforehand (up to chapter 235) in order to avoid ruining your intended experience

Gojo vs Sukuna: Now, We Have a Victor!

JJK manga chapter 234 concluded with Gojo Satoru wiping out Agito with his Blue technique. Thereby, eliminating one enemy changed his fight back to a 1 vs 2, with him now going up against Sukuna and Mahoraga. While he lost his right hand previously, he immediately healed and grew it back in this chapter. Then, Gojo went on to have hand-to-hand combat against both his opponents. The last chapter mentioned that Hollow Purple was the big ace up on his sleeve, and we rightfully see Gojo start the preparations for it, firing a Red (Reversal) to merge with Blue (Lapse) left behind after Agito’s demise.

While this intense fight is going on, the narrator joyfully declares that Gojo’s voltage is increasing rapidly. Furthermore, the narrator stated that Sukuna is experiencing uneasiness for the first time in a thousand years. The strongest sorcerer of this era indeed made the King of Curses sweat for the first time. On predicting the fact that Gojo is going to use the “Hollow Purple” technique, Sukuna ordered Mahoraga to dismantle this technique.

gojo wins against sukuna in jujutsu kaisen
Image Courtesy: Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami – Chapter 235 (Shonen Jump, Viz Media)

While Mahoraga was on his way to stop the merger, Gojo stopped him with a powerful strike. Sukuna then used this opening to strike the technique with his Piercing blood and stop the merger. But that ended in failure as the Piercing Blood was devoured by the Blue technique.

The merging is successful, and an endless Hollow Purple is born as a reward. As a result, a huge “Hollow Purple” explodes, blowing up all three individuals in its vicinity. Mahoraga was turned to ashes, and Sukuna was terribly injured by Gojo’s Unrestricted Hollow Purple. He can be seen in a completely defeated state. Since it was Gojo’s own cursed energy that caused him to face the explosion with others, Gojo wasn’t significantly harmed. Finally, Kusakabe declares “Gojo Won” since Sukuna is possibly rendered incompetent.

What to Expect in Jujutsu a Chapter 236?

sukuna without an arm, heavily injured in his fight against gojo
Image Courtesy: Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami – Chapter 235 (Shonen Jump, Viz Media)

The first thing we all should note is that the narrator hasn’t announced the result of this heated battle yet. Kusakabe declaring that “Gojo Won” is his personal prediction, which may turn true in the next chapter. But Sukuna still has many techniques as trump cards to play in serious moments like this. Therefore, we can possibly look forward to a comeback from the King of Curses.

We also should not rule out the possibility of Kenjaku interfering in this battle and playing the dirty game. If that happens, we expect some of the best Jujutsu sorcerers, such as Okkotsu Yuta, Hakari, Maki Zenin, etc., to make their way to the battleground to aid their Gojo sensei. But these are all just speculations and what we could expect in the next chapter, which arrives 2 weeks later as the manga is on a break next week. In the meantime, if you want to learn everything about what happened in the battle between Gojo and Sukuna, go through our linked article.

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