Is the Fallout TV Show Canon to Bethesda’s Games?

The Fallout TV show has finally arrived on Amazon Prime Video, and honestly, it is worth every bit of appreciation. From a brilliant cast to amazing cinematography, everything is just amazing about the eight-episodic series. However, enthusiasts who have played the Fallout video games might wonder if the Amazon Prime show is canon to the same universe. Well, let’s find out.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes spoilers for the new Fallout TV series on Prime Video, so we suggest the watch the show to avoid ruining the intended experience.

Is the Fallout TV Series canon to the Video Game?

Lucy and Maximus from Falout TV series
Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video/ Bethesda

Not beating around the bush, the answer to this question is Yes, the TV series is indeed canon to Bethesda’s video games.

Prime Video’s Fallout series is set in a world that sees destruction after the Nuclear Wars. Bethesda has released four Fallout games so far, and the Fallout TV show is set in the same universe.

Todd Howard, one of the executive producers, revealed to Vanity Fair that everything about the TV series is canon. Besides him, another executive producer of the show, Jonathan Nolan, confirmed that according to him, the television series can be considered Fallout 5.

Taking place in the same universe, this show has brought several elements from the games to life, including the Vault Dwellers, the Ghouls, Brotherhood of Steel, and several gadgets. Furthermore, we also spotted several locations in the TV series (a detailed easter eggs guide coming soon) that resembled the ones that we saw in the games. One such place is the “Red Pocket” gas station from Fallout 4, which was featured in the series.

Despite being in the same universe and featuring some similar elements, the Fallout TV series tells a unique story that we haven’t experienced in any of the video games. The show features unique characters and a storyline that is enjoyable and understandable even for those viewers who aren’t familiar with Fallout lore at all.

The Fallout TV series did a great job at adapting Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic masterpiece for the small screen, placing it high up there alongside The Last of Us series. Some elements, especially the portrayal of The Ghoul, are so well done that fans are craving to see such elements in the upcoming Fallout video games.

The show even expands on the origin or history of the Vault Dwellers and the Brotherhood of Steel, making the Fallout lore more clear to the hardcore fans of the franchise. The TV series does a great job adapting the pre-war story. It gives us more clarity on how life was before the bombs dropped on the surface.

The show also references a lot of things from Bethesda’s video games. So, we would not be surprised if Fallout 5 throws in some references to the TV show if, of course, the series is renewed for another season and becomes popular enough.

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