iPhone 16’s Capture Button Will Allow Zoom in and out by Swiping on It: Report

iPhone 16 capture button
In Short
  • iPhone 16 lineup is touted to feature a capture button for recording horizontal videos easily.
  • According to a report by The Information, users will be able to zoom in and out by swiping on the button while recording videos or capturing photos.
  • The capture button on iPhone 16 will be mechanical and not solid-state as rumored earlier.

We are still a good 8 months away from the release of the iPhone 16 series but the rumor mill is working at its full potential. Amongst the latest addition to iPhone 16 rumors is the functionality of the capture button which is expected across all iPhone 16 buttons. According to the latest report, the capacitive capture button on the iPhone 16 series will allow users to zoom in and out by swiping on it.

The Information shared a report that the capture button on the iPhone 16 will be a key selling point and will target individual creators who shoot and post horizontal videos on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. The paywalled report says that the capture button will be mechanical as opposed to solid-state, which was rumored earlier.

Action button vs mute switch iPhone

Despite being mechanical, the button will be sensitive to touch and will respond to pressure applied by the users. This will facilitate functionalities like zooming in and out while clicking a photo or recording a video.

It will help users “bring images into focus by pressing it lightly and activate the shutter by pressing more firmly on the button.”

Since the capture button on iPhone 16 is touted to be mechanical instead of solid-state, it will be similar to the action button and other buttons found on current iPhones. Had it been solid-state, it wouldn’t move when pressed. Instead, a solid-state button produces vibration when pressed, which imitates the feeling of being pressed.

Apple is not expected to bring any major design change in the iPhone 16 series as compared to the predecessor, except for the bigger display. Therefore, the new capture button will be the highlight of the upcoming iPhone lineup.

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