iPhone 12 Pro’s Ceramic Shield Is Not as Scratch Resistant as You Might Expect

iphone 12 ceramic shield - scratch resistance

iPhone 12 series may not have changed a whole lot on the design front. The company, however, adopted a new Ceramic Shield to safeguard the screen of its latest flagships. Now, popular YouTube creator Zack Nelson has put the screen through its paces. And well, it appears like the Ceramic Shield might not be as scratch resistant as it is tough.

We have all been watching JerryRigEverything videos for many years and well-versed with the Mohs scale of hardness. Apple likes to sell new features with fancy marketing jargon and the latest effort in that direction is the Ceramic Shield. The Cupertino giant has talked at length about a 4x improved drop resistance. But, there has been no word on the scratch resistance front.

Well, Nelson went to town with his numbered sticker and Mohs picks on the Ceramic Shield of the iPhone 12 Pro – only to find the obvious. The protective glass started to scratch at level 6, with deeper grooves at level 7. However, he does add – ‘It might just be my imagination but it does look like the level 6 scratches are a tad more faint. But, they are definitely still there.’

Ceramic Shield, for those unaware, has been made in partnership with Corning. This new protective glass now includes ceramic nano-crystals and glass to provide 4x drop resistance. You can read all about how Ceramic Shield is made right here. Nelson, in the video, mentions that it is the new design is also one of the prominent reasons for the improved drop resistance.

You can check out the iPhone 12 Pro Ceramic Shied scratch test for yourself right here:

Also, now that you know that the iPhone 12 screen is not as scratch-resistant, you might want to get some durable screen protectors for the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. We have compiled a list of best screen protectors for the new iPhone 12 series to add to your convenience.

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