The iPhone 12 mini Makes Me Want to Upgrade

I don’t think it will surprise any of you to know that buying the latest flagships is kind of my thing. I have switched many phones over the years, and I went from a Galaxy S10 to an iPhone XR within eight months. Still, when I bought the iPhone XR, I justified my excessive expenditure by telling myself I’ll be using it for at least two to three years.

Little did I know Apple will launch the iPhone 12 mini in 2020.

Now, since the iPhone 12 mini has been available, I’ve been reading everyone go on and on about how they have always wanted a smaller phone and they dislike big screens. I couldn’t relate to that. True, I don’t want to use a massive phone like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but a 6.1-inch display seems like a solid spot for me.

So when I spent a little while with the iPhone 12 mini recently, the phone that Rupesh just made a video on (you can check that out below), I was really surprised to find out that I actually love the 5.4-inch screen it has. I was so sure it would be too small, especially coming from a much bigger 6.1-inch display, and it is, but it’s in a good way. A great way.

The iPhone 12 mini Makes Me Want to Upgrade

This is a phone that is remarkably comfortable to hold in my hand. It’s light, it’s small, and I can use the entire screen without needing to contort my hand into weird angles to pull down the control centre or the notification centre. All good things, wouldn’t you agree?

All the rest of the advantages of the latest iPhone obviously apply here as well. It’s a ridiculously fast phone, it’s extremely responsive, it has a much higher res OLED panel, and of course the dual camera set up.

So yeah, I feel really bad about myself but I am extremely tempted to buy the iPhone 12 mini. The only way I’m able to hold myself back right now is the fact that I haven’t gotten to use it for long enough to know how the battery performs on this phone. Every review I’ve read mentions that the battery life is a drawback with the phone, especially compared to its bigger siblings.

I play a lot of games on my phones, and a poor battery life is a big no-no for me… even if the rest of the phone feels like the absolutely perfect iPhone for me.

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