Intel’s Lunar Lake Processors to Use Samsung LPDDR5X On-Die Memory; 8533MHz Speeds?

new intel core ultra processor based on lunar lake architecture expected to come with on-die lpddr5x samsung memory
Image Courtesy: Intel / Samsung
In Short
  • Intel Lunar Lake processor architectural design is expected to employ an on-die approach & integrate the LPDDR5X memory with the processor.
  • With this, Intel will reduce the latency to a minimum when the CPU has to communicate with the RAM.
  • Moreover, faster RAM speeds are expected with Intel Lunar Lake, with support up to 8533MHz, as mentioned in leaked documents.

Intel Lunar Lake is one of the unreleased processor architectures that the chipmaker will release in the future. A new report coming via Digitimes has revealed exciting details on this upcoming lineup.

Reportedly, Intel will use on-package LPDDR5X RAM for its Lunar Lake CPUs. Moreover, it is stated in the report that Samsung Electronics was selected as the supplier. What does on-package or on-die memory mean? If you didn’t know, not all laptop RAM is upgradeable.

Some manufacturers use soldered RAM instead of modular, upgradeable RAM on their laptops. To facilitate the much lower latency for communication between the Intel processor & system RAM, it looks like Intel will put the LPDDR5X RAM modules right next to the CPU.

Image Courtesy: YuuKi_AnS (via X) / AnandTech Forums

Apart from the Digitimes report, leaked Intel documents (originally shared by X user @yuuki_ans, with images still available on AnandTech Forums) have also suggested the same design. Above, you can see that Intel Lunar Lake will have “memory capacity part of the SKU.” This basically means that LPDDR5X RAM will be integrated with the processor die.

Moreover, the RAM speeds have been mentioned to go up to a whopping 8533MHz for Lunar Lake. You can also see the Lunar Lake CPU architecture design being different from previous Meteor Lake and Alder Lake architectures.

The proposed physical location of LPDDR5X RAM as being next to the processor, along with the extremely high speeds being offered by Samsung LPDDR5X memory, will make Intel Lunar Lake quite a different design from previous architectures. Apart from Samsung, there are also other RAM manufacturers, such as Micron and Hynix.

For now, it is not confirmed by Intel whether or not Samsung is its only partner for future chips, on which the company will employ the on-die integrated LPDDR5X design. It would be huge for Samsung if they became the sole supplier. For now, the DigiTimes report mentions only them and not any of the competitors.

What are your thoughts on Intel Lunar Lake and that it could feature non-upgradeable LPPDR5X RAM, which is present next to the CPU itself? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE DigiTimes
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