Intel Core Non-Ultra CPUs Spotted on ASUS Laptops

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In Short
  • Intel Core 7 150U, Intel Core 5 120U, and Intel Core 3 100U have been spotted on an upcoming Asus Vivobook laptop.
  • These are non-Ultra processors, which Intel is yet to officially unveil with proper specifications of various SKUs.
  • Intel Core (Non-Ultra) processors will be used in various upcoming entry-level and mid-range laptops.

Intel has released Meteor Lake architecture recently and announced its rebranding, which changes the official Intel processor naming scheme to either ‘Intel Core’, or ‘Intel Core Ultra’. Core Ultra processors have been covered in detail already, which the company announced at its Innovation 2023 event. But, we did not hear much about ‘Intel Core’ (non-Ultra) variants.

Now, a new leak shows us upcoming Intel Core processors ranging from Intel Core 3 to Intel Core 7 with several specifications, too. This was spotted on the ASUS website, on the company’s upcoming Vivobook 14 lineup.

An X (formerly Twitter) user @momomo_us has also spotted new Intel Core (Non-Ultra) processors on the upcoming Expertbook B5 series. All leaked CPUs with their respective spec information have been detailed below. Essentially, these new CPUs will succeed previous Core i3 & i7 chips, and the ‘i’ has also been dropped.

Intel Processor VariantTotal No. Of Cores (C) / Threads (T)CacheMax Turbo & Base FrequencyIntegrated GPU
Intel Core 7 150U10C/12T12 MB5.40 GHz (Turbo), 1.80 GHz (Base)Intel HD Graphics
Intel Core 5 120U10C/12T12 MB5.00 GHz (Turbo), 1.40 GHz (Base)Intel HD Graphics
Intel Core 3 100U6C/8T10 MB4.40 GHz (Turbo), 1.20 GHz (Base)Intel HD Graphics
Intel Core ‘Non-Ultra’ processor lineup specifications (Source: ASUS)

The aforementioned links to the Asus website reveal that new Intel processors are still up at the time of writing. They may go down in the future since these non-Ultra Intel Core processors do not exist in Intel’s database yet.

It looks like Intel Core 7 150U & Core 5 120U share the core configuration at 10 cores & 12 threads. The entry-level Intel Core 3 100U is mentioned to have 6 cores & 8 threads.

Intel Meteor Lake ‘Arc’ graphics are only present on Core Ultra processors. It appears that these Non-Ultra Intel Core processors will get standard Intel HD graphics as the on-board integrated GPU.

We do not know how much power these processors will use. These are U-Series chips from Intel. Knowing that we can speculate that these CPUs will operate between 9W to 30W (configurable by the manufacturer).

Source: ASUS

Upon the official release of these CPUs in new mid-range and entry-level laptops, these new processors will hopefully give users better battery life & performance than before. We will find out more about their internal architecture soon, when Intel officially launches them. Intel has rebranded these processors to reflect the new naming scheme. But, some rumors do say these non-Ultra processrs may not feature a new architecture.

What are your thoughts on these upcoming Intel Core ‘Non-Ultra’ processors? Let us know in the comments below.

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