Intel Core i9-14900KS Leaks; Could Launch with Higher Clocks & TDP

Intel i9 processor
In Short
  • i9-14900KS has been pictured in this fresh leak. However, there is a lot of speculation on whether or not this chip will launch.
  • Intel Core i9-14900KS may launch later in 2024, given the company's history of previous KS variants.
  • It could come with a 6.20 GHz clock speed, 150W base TDP, and feature 24 cores with 32 threads.

Another Intel 14th Gen Core i9 desktop processor with Raptor Lake Refresh architecture could be launching soon. However, there is only speculation about this at this point. A sample of Intel Core i9-14900KS has been spotted, with the source being mentioned as QQ (Tencent’s messaging app).

This leak was spotted by X (formerly Twitter) user @9550pro. The hardware aficionado states that it is unclear whether or not this CPU is a fake one and whether or not it will even launch. Several parts of the processor sample have been blacked out, such as the QR code and SPEC code, which can be useful in identifying the authenticity of the chip.

Source: @9550pro on X

Based on previously launched CPUs, the Intel 14th Gen i9-14900KS should come with a higher TDP. Currently, the i9-14900K has a 125W base TDP, and the KS variant could come with a 150W base TDP instead.

Will They or Won’t They? Exploring Possibilities of ‘i9-14900KS’ Launching This Year

Intel did launch a ‘KS’ variant known as 12th Gen Alder Lake i9-12900KS before. They did the same with 13th Gen Raptor Lake (i9-13900KS). Intel could be planning to launch an i9-14900KS later in 2024, given the history of launching new ‘KS’ variants of Core i9 processors.

By the way, KS variants have had the same core counts as non-KS variants. With this, we can speculate that the i9-14900KS can have 24 cores & 32 threads, just like the i9-14900K.

During the Innovation event held previously in late 2023, Intel confirmed new desktop CPUs with Meteor Lake architecture will be coming later in 2024. With such a major architectural shift planned out, they are also expected to rebrand future desktop CPUs with Core Ultra branding.

This big change could affect the potential launch of a 14th Gen Core i9-14900KS, but if it has to come, it should be released around the second half of 2024.

Before this leak, there was another one (via: AnandTech Forums) showing the speculative Intel Core i9-14900KS CPU in pre-built PCs listed for sale by PC-Online. Here, a clock speed of 6.20GHz was mentioned, 200MHz higher than the non-KS variant.

Source: AnandTech Forums

Based on all this, Intel’s plans to expand the desktop portfolio of processors this year may involve launching the i9-14900KS processor to add to their 14th Gen lineup. But they could also abandon the KS variant completely in favor of launching new ‘Core Ultra‘ Meteor Lake architecture desktop CPUs.

Are you excited about Intel’s Core i9-14900KS? If it launches, the KS variant will be pre-binned with higher-quality silicon and will definitely be an exciting CPU to tune for overclocking. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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