Instagram Remix

Instagram Remix Lets You Edit Photos Sent By Your Friends

Instagram Remix

Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram, the hugely successful photo-sharing platform has been constantly taking cues from its primary rival Snapchat. Now, Instagram has introduced an all-new feature that lets you mess around with your friends’ photos. It’s called “Remix” and it lets you draw some fun shapes and write some stuff on the pictures your friends share with you on Instagram Direct. It’s basically similar to how you can annotate your own photos on Instagram.

Instagram Remix Feature

Once your friend sends you a photo as a direct message, you can access this new feature by simply tapping the camera icon that’s located at the bottom and capture a reply. Here, you can add, move and resize stickers, text and drawings to completely wreck your friend’s picture. Remix can be done back and forth for a fun visual of your conversation. This annotation feature has been available on Snapchat for a really long time, and it goes on to show that Instagram continues their record for constantly ripping off features from their main competitor.

Instagram Allow Replay

In addition to this, Instagram also brought replay controls, which allows users to restrict the number of times your friend is able to see your picture. You can choose between “One View” for messages if you want your friends to view the picture just once and “Allow Replay” if you want to give your friends more time to see your pictures. The photos and videos that have been sent with “Allow Replay” enabled loop automatically, but your friends will be able to pause it by holding it.

So, if you’re interested in trying these new features all by yourself, make sure your iOS or Android app is updated to the latest version, i.e 24.0. Once you’ve tried it out, let us know your opinions on Instagram’s Remix in the comments section down below.

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